Warpaint North 2017 Winners

October 25th, 2017

October 25th, 2017

It was a busy two days at the Warpaint North Championships and the work on the competition floor was amazing.  A huge number of students competed, and the Bodypainting Student category saw more competitors than ever before.  A huge thanks to all the competitors and our judges Armand Beasley, Cassie Lomas, Hannah Wing, Jennie Roberts, Brierley Thorpe and Jo Peters, and to M.A.C, Nanshy and Kryolan for supporting us.

Real Beauty Student

RB student winner PBN17

1st Place – Hannah Jackson


RB student 2nd PBN17

2nd Place – Sarai Pinney

RB student 3rd PBN17

3rd Place – Abby Clayton

Highly Commended – Michelle Ansbro


Runway Pro

Runway Pro winner PBN17

1st Place – Vanessa Dawson


Runway Student

Runway student winner PBN17

1st Place – Lorraine Wheat

Runway student 2nd PNB17

2nd Place – Charlotte Martin

Runway student 3rd PBN17

3rd Place – Sheetal Maru

Runway student HC PBN17

Highly Commended – Jaide Morgan-McCarthy


Bodypainting Pro

BP Pro Winner PBN17

1st Place – April Hernandez

BP Pro 2nd PBN17

2nd Place – Emma Dutton

BP Pro 3rd PBN17

3rd Place – Mazz Hannah


Bodypainting Student

BP Student winner PBN17

1st Place –  Olivia Hayes

BP Student 2nd PBN17

2nd Place – Aoife Singleton

BP Student 3rd PBN17

3rd Place – Haley Yates

BP Student HC PBN17

Highly Commended – Bethany Comerford


Rising Star PBN17

Rising Star – Aoife Singleton

College Cup PBN17

College Cup – Preston’s College



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