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September 10th, 2017

September 10th, 2017

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September is always popular in the Warpaint office, as the Christmas books make an appearance, and the first of this year’s crop certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks by Louise Young with Loulia Sheppard is the definitive step-by-step guide to recreating the most striking looks of the 20th century – with classic make-up and hair styles from 100 years of beauty; it is a beauty bible for the golden ages of style.

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Renowned film, television and fashion make-up artist to the A-List stars, Louise Young – along with leading film industry hairstylist Loulia Sheppard – has created an accurate, practical guide to the most classic looks of all time.  From the dark, smouldering eyes of the jazz-age flapper to the red lips and victory rolls of the 1940s, right up to the electric colours of the 1980s and beyond, recreate the most memorable make-up and hair looks of the past 100 years – all with step-by-step photography and clear, concise instructions.

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Historical referencing is such a key part of a makeup artist’s skill set and all good training courses should give you a sound grounding in this area of your artistry.  This book works through each decade of the 20th century and is laid out to show how styles change and vary within each.  With superb photography to show off the makeup and hair skills, and clear drawings to help you to achieve each look, this is the kind of book that you’ll come back to time and again.


Each chapter features images of iconic women from the relevant timeframe and the products that their artists would have used to create the look, as well as the colour palettes that defined the era.  Louise and Loulia break this down so you’re able to recreate each image.

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Definitely one for your Christmas list, especially for the self-taught with its invaluable insights and historical accuracy.  Priced at £20, it’s published by Mitchell Beazley and is available from 7th September.  You can get it on Amazon here –

We grabbed five minutes with Louise to ask her about her book.

WP: You’re so well known for your range and brushes.  What inspired you to create the book?

LY: I always thought I would write the book and actually wrote the introduction in 2002.  It went onto the backburner until I worked with Lou (Sheppard) on Guardians of the Galaxy and asked her to do the hair, and this was the catalyst for me to get going with it.  I have loved film and old Hollywood glamour since I was a child so it was a real pleasure to do all the shoots.

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WP: How did you choose the looks that you want to recreate?  You must have had so many to choose from.

LY: Yes, there were many more that we could have done, but we tried to feature the most iconic – the looks that are easily recognisable as from a particular era.


WP: Why is historical referencing such an important skill for a makeup artist to learn?

LY: I realised that some students are being taught, and are researching, using incorrect sources.  I wanted to include lots of reference points and names in the book so that anyone wanting to do further research would have some names from the time to look up rather than looking up 1940’s hair or 1940’s makeup – a general search like that throws up mostly inaccurate images.

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WP: What’s your favourite era and why?

LY: I’m not sure I can answer, as I love them all.  I collect vintage clothes as well, so some eras I like because of the clothes and others because of the makeup and hair.  I really love the 1930’s elegance of both hair, makeup and fashions and also the styles of the late ‘40s and early ‘50s.  But I love the ‘60s as well!


WP: Which iconic face would you have loved to have worked on?

LY: Rita Hayworth


WP: Which do you think is the most important product to have come out of the last 100 years?

LY: Probably mascara and lipstick.  Lipstick has been used for many centuries in various forms though, but the early part of the 20th century saw it become available in more easy-to-use cases and tubes.


WP: What advice would you give a makeup student to help them look for a good course to choose?

LY: It is essential that a makeup student chooses a course that is taught by people that are working or have worked in the industry.  They need to ask who the tutors are and check that they have/do work in the area that they are teaching – so someone teaching film and tv makeup should have worked in that area.  The course should not only teach the makeup and hair skills, but also the etiquette – both on set, in the makeup or crowd room – the importance of research and also give students a realistic idea of the hours expected of them, etc.

Warpaint readers are being given the opportunity to win a signed copy.  Simply click the link to the Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering.  You can enter as many times as you like.  Good Luck.  The competition closes at noon on 15th September when the winner will be drawn.


Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks by Louise Young with Loulia Sheppard, published by Mitchell Beazley




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