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August 9th, 2017

August 9th, 2017

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Do your clients ask you for airbrush make-up?


Custom blend the perfect match of Airbase luxury silicone based foundation and spray your way to a sensational finish your clients will love.  Keep them coming back for more and recommending your airbrush make-up services to others.

To offer successful services, you need the backing of a solid supplier.  The Airbrush Company Ltd recently joined partnership with Airbase, adding professional quality make-up to their extensive catalogue of airbrush supplies.  Widely known for their expertise in airbrushes, they have been providing professional spray equipment, such as the world leading Iwata airbrushes, to the beauty industry for 70 years.

For fast and flawless results, Iwata airbrushes and Airbase make-up combine to deliver a stunning professional finish which is perfect for bridal, wedding and prom style makeovers as well as photography, TV, movies and special FX.

Airbrushes Make-Over

Join thousands of professional MUAs enjoying the fast and flawless results achieved by Iwata and Airbase…

The Airbrush Company Ltd offers excellent discounts for professional Make-up Artists, college lecturers and students making the return on your investment remarkably profitable.  Each Airbase application costs on average £1 making it a viable addition to any service list and research suggests that Airbrush Make-up Artists earn more per makeover than traditional applications due to the level of expertise required and the desired High-Definition effect created by an airbrush.  This is where a really good quality airbrush, like Iwata, comes into its own league.


Are you teaching airbrush make-up?

airbrushes header

Help students learn and realise their potential faster with Iwata airbrushes and Airbase Make-up.  The Airbrush Company can offer professional equipment to set up your classroom as well as affordable and high-quality equipment for your students.


It’s easier to teach using Iwata airbrushes…


Iwata airbrushes give consistent performance and atomise so finely they will deliver a perfectly even coverage every time.  Iwatas run at lower air pressures when compared to rival brands, offering greater comfort when used on the face and body.  As they’re manufactured to the highest standard, they also have the endurance to withstand heavy use, lasting for many years if cleaned and serviced correctly.  Great artists and great teachers use Iwata to help their students learn faster and with less interruption such as paint splattering and blockages.

One of the highest reputations in the make-up industry, Airbase is the UK’s go to brand for a flawless finish and combined durability, suitable for everyone from professionals on set, to in the salon.  Packed full of vitamins, Airbase silicone based foundation has a staying power that outstrips many others.


Full support and technical back up…

Whether you’re a working artist or a busy tutor, your choice of tools will be governed by the combination of reliability and performance.  Not only will The Airbrush Company Ltd provide all the spare parts (which is hard to come by these days), but they also offer full technical back up.  For extra peace of mind, their full-time technician will trouble shoot over the telephone and fully repair the airbrushes and compressors in their service centre, if needed.


Professional MUAs and students get fantastic prices…


As a qualified Make-Up Artist or a college student in training, you can apply for an MUA Account where you’ll receive up to 20% off selected Airbase products.  When you place your first order online or by phone, you’ll be registered as a Pro MUA and will receive 20% off Airbase Make-up purchased in the same transaction and all future transactions.  Excludes Airbase Foundation ten-packs and Airbase Aqua because prices of those already include the MUA discount.  Also excludes the Airbase briefcase.

30% off Airbase Make-up with purchase of an Iwata/Airbase kit.


With kits, you receive 30% off Airbase Make-up purchased in the same transaction and all future transactions.  Your kit order is registered as proof of purchase so you do not have to show it again for future orders.  Excludes ABFOPACK10 and AAQPACK because the price already includes at least 30% off the separate items.  MUA KIT discount on ABFOPACK30 is 12.5% because the price already includes MUA 20%.

View the full range of Airbrush kits for Make-Up here:

View the full range of Airbase products here:

Call: 01903 767 800, email: or visit: for more info.






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