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August 4th, 2017

August 4th, 2017

Famed for high end skincare, Margo Marrone’s organic make-up follows the same principles underpin all the products from the Organic Pharmacy and the collection covers all the essentials with some clever little extras – Mineral Eye Shadow Shimmers and the Nude Sparkle Palette are our faves.  Performance and ethical, popularity and pay-off – ever the product junkies, we jumped at the chance of a chat.

Margo Marrone headshot

WP:  Where did you train as a pharmacist?

MM:  Kings College London


WP:  Who were your early influences?

MM:  Dr Bach, of the Bach Flower Essences, inspired me to study homeopathy and question the origin of disease.

OP red lipstick

WP:  What are the things about your job that you love?  Tell us about a typical day.

MM:  I love that I don’t have a typical day.  One day I am meeting customers, the next doing a workshop, the next developing a new product or doing a sales pitch.  But my most favourite part is researching ingredients, formulating and developing products that really works and can change the way someone feels.

OP sheer tint foundation

WP:  With your background in pharmacy, what inspired you to create make-up?

MM:  I wanted to create make-up that looked like skin and enhanced someone’s natural beauty. Make-up at the time 12 years ago was very heavy and geared at covering.  I wanted make-up, especially foundation, that had added benefits to it, no toxins and looked like the skin close up.  I added ingredients like vitamins, minerals and essential oils to enhance their activity – e.g. lavender and tea tree in concealer for spots and arnica in the eye concealer.


WP:  You’re known for the high-quality ingredients in your skincare – how does this follow into your cosmetics?

MM:  It was paramount for me that the make-up also had really high quality ingredients.  Although it means that colours are not as bright, they look more flattering and softer.

Eye Pencil_Blue


WP:  It’s notoriously difficult to create a range that stands up to the requirements of a pro make-up artist – how did you overcome this?

MM:  This is true and we can never match the synthetic colour palette, but many pro make-up artists use our products on their clients with fantastic results.  US pro artist and photographer, Tina Turnbow, called our mascara the best she has ever tried.

OP Champagle Lip Gloss

WP:  As make-up and skincare work so holistically together, what advice would you give a makeup artist when choosing a new range?

MM:  The skin is the canvas for the face.  A good skincare routine and quality product will result in a flawless complexion and therefore make-up will look so much better.  They go hand in hand.

OP Foundation brush

WP:  You’ve also added a brush collection – how did you go about creating these?

MM:  I wanted to source a natural, cruelty-free range so I sourced goats’ hair that was shaved from the underbelly of the animal.


WP:  Which pieces are you most proud of in the make-up collection, and which were your biggest challenges?

MM:  I love the Mascara (£21.95), Foundation (£34.95) and Nude Sparkle Palette (£49).  Biggest challenges were the Pressed Powder (£41.95) and Liquid Eyeliner.


WP:  Which make-up artists inspire you and who would you love to work with?

MM:  I find Lisa Eldridge and Wendy Rowe both inspirational.  I’d love to do a collaboration at some point.


WP:  What’s next for the collection?  How do you wish to develop it?

MM:  Formulations have moved on so much, I’d really like to look at improving them all the time.



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