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May 15th, 2017

May 15th, 2017

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At this year’s United Make Up Artists expo, leading make-up artist Kate Benton from Precious About Makeup transformed impressionist and comedian Jon Culshaw into President Donald Trump.  Emmy and BAFTA nominee, Kate has previously worked with Jon on the BBC satirical show, Dead Ringers, and with years of experience within the industry, she believes a successful lookalike depends upon tags that instantly allow us to recognise the character being portrayed.  In this instance, Donald Trump is rich pickings.  From the intricate sprayed comb over hair to the excessively burnt orange skin, it didn’t take long for Kate to work her magic and create the transition.

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“Jon was air brushed with a few layers of Temptu and, as we didn’t want him to appear flat and two dimensional, we layered up with different hues of tan bases, ranging from golden to orange.  We highlighted around his eyes with a Temptu ivory creamy base to highlight the paleness of the skin and even used the same colour to paint some of Jon’s lashes, as Donald is so fair.  With his long but sparse eyebrows, we used individual Yak hair to lay on top of Jon’s own brows to make them appear long and straggly – first using Make Up Forever Clear Eyebrow Gel to comb Jon’s own brows up.

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Finally, we used a pink shade to paint on to Jon’s lips.  Donald has a lot of pink in and around his eyes, so we used a colour from the amazing Le Maquillage palette.  The crowning glory was the ridiculous comb over wig, which has been made to replicate Donald’s own hair.  To complete the look, everything was set with Ben Nye No Colour Powder and of course, Jon’s own hands were also air brushed orange!”

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