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March 16th, 2017

March 16th, 2017

Well hello again, this is a very happy Tina, delighted I have been asked to do another article for the amazing Warpaint Magazine.  I thought it would be great to talk about some of my very favourite products, ones which I cannot live without in my make-up kit.

work station tina

Your kit is like your bible in our busy world of film, TV, fashion.  For me my kit has to have everything I need in case of an emergency, so of course when I go to work, I look like I am setting up shop, which basically is what we do.  I am very hot on cleanliness and I think I drive my team mad about how important your make-up station has to be extra, extra clean.  I like to make mine as pretty as I can, it helps me do better work.  I’m sure they laugh at me!

For this article I have chosen six of my favourites, which have got me out of trouble so many times, although I could go on forever about products as I am obsessed.

Charlotte Lebon

Charlotte Lebon

My first choice is Laura Mercier Eye Basics (£21) are a necessity in my kit, I use mainly Flax and Linen – two great colours.  They are superb on their own and also keeping oily eyelids perfect in hot situations.  This product keeps your shadow in place all day, it was a complete saviour for me on The Promise, I used it on the beautiful Charlotte Lebon and as we were in shooting in the heat in Spain, I know that her shadow would never budge.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics

My next choice is, I think, a favourite for many people: YSL’s Touche Éclat (£25.50).  This is a radiance in a flash, the take anywhere pen-brush is perfect for highlighting and refreshing make-up, and it has a light luminosity and radiance at the click of a button.  There are many shades to choose from and I keep one of each with me at all times.  It is a miracle – it banishes shadows and tired looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to eye and cheek area.  Heaven in a pen – sometimes if my actress has amazing skin that is all I need to use.

ysl touche eclat

There are many foundations I love, but one I particular I have found to be perfect in all situations is By Terry Foundation – Terrybly Densiliss (£78.50).  This is an anti-wrinkle serum foundation, perfect for my actors with early signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and other imperfections.  I find this full coverage make-up has a silky formula for effortless application and comes in 13 shades.  It is important for me to always use a foundation brush and then buff with my face blender no. 19 brush to guarantees a flawless finish.  Although By Terry foundations are an investment, I have found they are worth every penny.

By Terry Terrybly Densillis

Tina Brush_19

This is just a quick review of my favourite mascara at the moment.  Armani Eyes to Kill (£28) has changed my life, not only in a professional situation, but I also use it for myself.  Coming in Classico and Wet (waterproof), it creates a look of volume length and definition, soooo simple to use – I think the bristle-weaved brush is the bomb!

Armani Eyes to Kill mascara

Kevyn Aucoin, who I used to know many years ago, amazed us with his incredible talent.  He was so sadly missed when he passed away, but has left the most amazing products and I love them all.  My favourites are his Flesh Tone Lip Pencils (£20); if you have never tried them they are a must for your kit.  His natural colours are the magic for a perfect pout, with a little gloss it is just the best lip liner going for a natural look.  Please check these out, I have all the shades by my side at all times.

Kevyn Aucoin Lip Pencil

M.A.C – how could I leave this amazing brand out? What a revelation it has been for our industry.  I am so grateful to Jo [Scicluna of the Artist Relations team] who has been so supportive and loyal to me and helped me out on so many huge productions.   Thank you, Jo, with all my heart.  Mac Prep and Prime Face Protect Lotion (£24) is the most amazing product, I honestly can it exactly what it says and so much more.  I have a tube of this stuck to me like glue; it calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil and evens out skin redness.  It works on all types of skin – another miracle for the kit.

Prep n Prime Face Protect

My kit is really the most important part of my job, or certainly one of them, with all the wonderful products we love to make our work so special.  I am grateful every day to still be working in the best job in the world.

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