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July 25th, 2016

July 25th, 2016

Neill Gorton, the prosthetics and SFX designer behind the creatures on Doctor Who, is dedicated to passing on his craft and techniques in a number of ways.  He opened up his very own material supply shop, Neill’s Materials, which sells top-quality materials that he uses himself when working in the industry.  Warpaint looks into their Top Five products that are popular among artists and sculptors.

Platsil Gel-25

Polytek PlatSil Gel-25 is the most popular product sold on Neill’s Materials.  This is a Shore A25 hardness, 1A:1B mix ratio, liquid platinum silicone rubber which is quick to pour and demould.  The gel can be used with the Deadener LV, which can be added to the PlatSil to create a more realistic replication of living tissue.  It’s popularity is down to its ability to look, feel and move like real skin.

Platsil gel 25 product

Deadener Gel 25

Sil-Key Silicone Adhesive

The second most popular seller is Neill’s own creation of a skin safe silicone adhesive.  Having noticed a gap in the market for a strong and reliable adhesive, he designed it specifically for the application of prosthetic appliances.  Sil-Key is a high-strength, high-solids and pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive suspended in an extremely safe cosmetic grade solvent.

Sil-Key-Adhesive product

Prosthetics Magazine

Neill and his wife Lisa’s Prosthetics Magazine stands at number three.  It is packed with ‘how-to’ guides, movie trivia and interviews with leading FX make-up artists.  It is the only magazine that specifically focuses on the necessary skills and processes behind the outstanding level of prosthetics in film and TV.

prosethics magazine issue 3

European Body Art Palettes

At number four, European Body Art make a range of alcohol-activated palettes, which are all perfect for in creating ageing and zombie looks.  One of the popular ones is the flesh tone palette, which allows artists to create a range of skin tones easily.  These have a magnetic pan system, which means artists can rearrange and replace colours easily to suit their own preference.

Encore Body Art Flesh Palette

Key-Cap Plastic Beads

The Key-Cap Plastic Beads are new to the Neill’s Materials shop.  By transporting them in solid beads it solves the problem of hazardous shipping compliancy.  They are the exact raw material used in the liquid Key-Cap Plastic, and simply need Acetone to be added to make Key-Cap Plastic.

key cap liquid beads



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