Top Five – Illamasqua

April 14th, 2016

April 14th, 2016

When you think of brands which really do change how you look at and use make-up, Illamasqua are certainly up there.  The brand is unafraid to take chances, to re-visit familiar concepts and put new spins on them.  Armed with the information from Illamasqua HQ, here are their Top Five best-selling products.


Skin Base

The game-changing foundation formula is, unsurprisingly, top of the list.  At once rich in pigment yet skin-like, this foundation has found its way into the hands of artists and consumers across the world and earned a place in their collections.  With a great span of shades and a malleable texture which blends into skin seamlessly once buffed in, it’s not hard to see its appeal.


Gleam – Aurora

While their creamy Gleam highlighter is popular across the board, the shade Aurora is stunning.  A lightweight and iridescent cream formula, this champagne shade is universally flattering.  The formula is almost translucent, making it very natural and easy to blend into the skin – an absolutely beautiful product.

 Gleam Aurora

Masquara – Raven

If most black mascara formulas really aren’t giving you the punch of true black which you’re looking for, try the Illamasqua Masquara in Raven.  Intensely pigmented, the formula and brush work to define, lengthen and add real drama to the lashes.  They describe it almost like a Wonderbra for lashes, and we’re inclined to agree.


Gel Sculpt – Silhouette

We remember the buzz and excitement this product created when it launched.  We were bored of the avalanche of powdery and obvious contour products which were beginning to flood the market, and it took the Gel Sculpt to make us sit up and get excited.  A unique, lightweight gel which melts into the skin, it creates one of the most natural shadow effects we’ve seen from contour products.  Top artist Caroline Barnes recommends using a brush to really work the colour into the skin.

Gel Sculpt_Silhouette

Hydra Veil

Another classic product, Hydra Veil straddles the line between skincare and make-up.  This moisture-infused primer works to smooth and plump the skin, leaving you with a perfect canvas to work on.  Microalgae, Vitamin C and B3 work together to help maintain skins hydration levels, creating a healthy-looking, balanced finish.  The gel texture is refreshing and lightweight – perfect for clients who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a lot of layers.




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By Deborah Murtha

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