Top Five – ZOEVA

February 19th, 2016

February 19th, 2016

Top Five is our latest recurring feature where we look at some of our favourite brands and our top picks from their product ranges – in this edition we’re opening up our brush rolls and looking at ZOEVA.  A German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou, the brand has grown from a basic range of only 10 makeup brushes to a professional portfolio of over 50 makeup tools and 100 colour cosmetics.  We’re constantly impressed by their high quality and affordability – so here’s a look at our Top Five!

Classic Range

A range of solid, well-performing and well-priced brushes to make up the bulk of your collection, the Classic range contains all of the brushes you usually reach for, as well as some interesting shapes which might surprise you.

We haven’t been quiet in our love of the much-lauded 227 Luxe Soft Definer – a near perfect dupe for the MAC 217 eyeshadow brush, we have a handful of these in our kits.  Its versatility is its calling card – packed enough to lay colour onto the mobile lid, yet fluffy enough to diffuse colour and buff out the edges.  And at £6.95 it’s a complete steal!

Zoeva 227

An honourable mention goes to the blissfully soft 104 Buffer.  Versatile again, the Buffer is perfect for either powder or liquid foundations.  Our Features Editor Deborah swears by it, and since picking it up she hasn’t used anything else to apply her foundation.


Bamboo Range

While most of their brushes are vegan, ZOEVA have capitalised on the growing number of environmentally conscious artists by creating an entire range of sustainable and ethical bamboo handles.  You can find versions of many of the Classic brushes in the Bamboo range, which is fantastic.  As such, our pick from the Bamboo collection would be the Bamboo Set Vol.2 – it contains eight vegan brushes for the face and eye, all made of three renewable materials: soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wooden handles and golden coloured aluminium ferrules, refining the eco-luxe design.

Zoeva Bamboo


Rose Gold

Rose Gold is another beautiful range, slightly more luxurious than the previous two, and they make beautiful gifts.  They have a set available as well – available here – as well as single brushes.  The 110 Face Shape Brush is available in the classic range as well, but there’s something about the Rose Gold which elevates this dainty brush.  A petite domed shape, it is ideal for precise contouring, buffing in concealer or a liquid highlight in concentrated areas.

The 126 Luxe Cheek Finish brush is also worth a look for cheeks, the perfect size for blush, bronzer or powdering.

Zoeva Rose Gold


They might be new, but we’re already coveting the entire Spectrum collection.  With three eyeshadow palettes – Nude Spectrum, Warm Spectrum and Cool Spectrum – they have eyes completely covered, as well as cheeks with four blush and bronzer palettes.  The pigment of ZOEVA powders are fantastic, with a smooth and buttery texture.  There can be some fallout, but its well worth it give the colours on offer here.  Our top picks would be the Nude Spectrum eyeshadow palette and Coral Spectrum blush palette.

Zoeva Spectrum Eyes Zoeva Spectrum Blush

Professional Sets

While the individual brush prices are undeniably fantastic, the value of their carefully crafted sets are unbelievable.  The Complete Set is perfect for any MUA, whether you’re starting out and looking to build up your brush collection, or looking to update a tired kit.  For £90, the ZOEVA Complete Set is an exclusive selection of their favourite brushes for face and eye application.  With 15 brushes to cover everything from powder, foundation and blush to eyeshadow and eyeliner – you are covered for just about every eventuality.

Zoeva Complete



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