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February 12th, 2016

February 12th, 2016

You spoke, we listened!  After collecting feedback over the last couple of years from our competitions, when it came to rebranding the Warpaint Championships we knew it was the perfect time to shake up the categories a little bit for Professional Beauty London.

SFX has been restructured and re-classified as Film & TV, catering more specifically to students and artists who had trained in a wide variety of skills.  In an effort to replicate a casting call for a film or TV project, competitors will be tested on everything from their facial hair skills to ageing and realistic prosthetic appliances.

Duncan Jarman applies prosthetic wounds for The Revenant

Duncan Jarman applies prosthetic wounds for The Revenant

Time Allocation: 2 hours to complete the entire look (make-up and hair)

Theme: Post Apocalypse.  Contestants are required to design and make-up a civilian character who has survived an apocalyptic battle – the character can be male or female.  Suitable costume must be sourced.

End of the World scenarios are common in film and TV, and characters will generally be civilians who have endured the destruction of civilisation as we know it.  They will have suffered injuries and starvation, and have had little or no access to medical care. Clothing will be neglected, dirty and damaged.  Your character exists in these surroundings.

CRITERIA FOR THE MAKE-UP – 60 minutes allowed


  • Character Make-up
  • Stretch and stipple ageing
  • A prosthetic piece such as nose, cheeks, black eye, etc.
  • Wounds/burns/bruises – Makeup FX that come from the colour palette not a piece
  • Old scars
  • Illness
  • If female, the beauty has to be in accordance with the directive


  • Hand laid hair – beard, moustache, eyebrows
  • Full postiche – moustache or beard on a lace
  • Tattoos – either hand painted or transfer

CRITERIA FOR THE HAIR – 60 minutes allowed.

Hair to be styled or wig to be applied.

NOTES: This is to be treated like a proper Make-up Call on a movie or television set.  At the end of the allotted time the model will get into costume, just as they would in reality.

In this category, you’ll be judged on your interpretation of theme, design inspiration and attention to detail.  Wigs and hair are important, as well as the costume but it’s down to your skill and creativity that will win the day here.  Your accompanying Mood Board that you’ll bring with you on the day will be a visual demonstration of your thought process and will illustrate your particular character and the make-up design you have chosen.  You’ll talk through your concept with our judges, Mike Peel and Hannah Wing.

The character Slit from Mad MAx: Fury Road

The character Slit from Mad Max: Fury Road

To avoid any confusion between our previous Editorial and Fashion categories, we have combined the two to create our new Runway category.  We’re looking for high fashion looks which could have stepped straight off the catwalk, or grace the pages of a Vogue beauty editorial.  As with the previous Editorial category, there will be attention paid to how the look photographs as well as how it appears in person.


Time Allocation: 2 hours to complete the entire look (make-up and hair)

Theme: Tribal

In this new category, you are tasked with creating a tribal extravaganza for your audience.  Be seen big and bold, this category asks you to capture the essence of the runways of the world, combining styling, nails, hair and make-up.  Remember that your finished look needs to work at a distance as well as close up.

Your accompanying Mood Board will storyboard your inspiration and vision.  You’ll be talking through this with the judges to walk them through your creation.  Both male and female models are permitted.  Style your model to complete your look, with carefully sourced clothing and great looking hair to reflect your creation.

Our floor judges – Vicki Muse, Sarah Goodall, Kelly Hicks and Chloe Gamblin – will be keeping a close eye on your progress, while Head Judge Joey Bevan will be using his extensive fashion experience to cast his critical eye over proceedings.


To read the full Competition Pack, with information about requirements and the other categories, click here.

To enter our competitions, click here.  Entry closes on 24th February.  Don’t forget to register your model too.  You can also sign up for free tickets to attend the show.

Our #InstaWarpaint category closes today, so if you’re looking to enter be sure to send us your looks ASAP!  For more information click here.




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