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December 7th, 2015

December 7th, 2015

It’s almost time to dust off your brushes and pack up your kits – Warpaint will be returning to Professional Beauty London in February for another day of fierce competitions.  Rebranded as the Warpaint Championships, we’ve elevated and updated our categories to include new themes and new rules.  Excited?  You have no idea.

The full competition pack can be found here, and online registration can be found here.

New Category – Film & TV

Replacing the SFX category is the newly formed Film & TV category, which more closely resembles what actually happens for a film make-up call.

Jan Sewell & Kristyan Mallett behind the scenes of The Theory of Everything

Jan Sewell & Kristyan Mallett behind the scenes of The Theory of Everything

Theme:  Post-Apocalypse

Time:  2 hours

‘End of the World’ scenarios are common in film and TV.  Characters will generally be civilians who have endured the destruction of social as we know it.  They will have suffered injuries and starvation, and have had little or no access to medical care.  Clothing will be neglected, dirty and damaged.  Your character exists in these surroundings.

Contestants are required to design and make-up a civilian character who has survived an apocalyptic battle.  This character can be male or female and suitable costume must be sourced.

CRITERIA FOR THE MAKE-UP – 60 minutes for make-up


  • Character Make-up
  • Stretch and stipple ageing
  • A prosthetic piece such as nose, cheeks, black eye, etc
  • Wounds/burns/bruises – Make-up FX that come from the colour palette not a piece
  • Old scars
  • Illness
  • If female, the beauty has to be in accordance with the directive


  • Hand-laid hair – beard, moustache, eyebrows
  • Full postiche – moustache or beard on a lace
  • Tattoos – either hand painted or transfer

CRITERIA FOR THE HAIR – 60 minutes for hair.  Make-up must be completed.  Hair to be styled or wig to be applied.

NOTES:  This is to be treated like a proper make-up call on a movie or television set.  At the end of the allotted time, the model will get into costume, just as they would in reality.

In this category, you’ll be judged on your interpretation of theme, design inspiration and attention to detail.  Wigs and hair are important, as well as the costume, but it’s down to your skill and creativity that will win the day here.  Your accompanying Mood Board that you’ll bring with you on the day will be a visual demonstration of your thought process and will illustrate your particular character and the make-up design you have chosen.  You’ll talk through your concept with our Head Judge.


New Category – Runway

A merging of the previous Fashion and Editorial categories, Runway is all about making a bold impression and make-up which photographs well.

Theme: Tribal

Time: 2 hours

In this new category, you are tasked with creating a tribal extravaganza for your audience.  Be seen big and bold, this category asks you to capture the essence of the runways of the world, combining styling, nails, hair and make-up.  Remember that your finished look needs to work at a distance as well as close up.

Your accompanying Mood Board day will storyboard your inspiration and vision.  You’ll be talking through this with the judges to walk them through your creation.  Both male and female models are permitted.  Style your model to complete your look, with carefully sourced clothing and great looking hair to reflect your creation.


Real Beauty

With real looks for real women, this category requires a more fluid approach; you’re not just creating a static look.

Previous winner - Sadaf Arshad

Previous winner – Sadaf Arshad

Theme:  Transformation from Beach Babe to Full Moon Party – 1 model, 2 looks, 3 hours, 4 key products

Time:  3 hours

Please note that the only prep you may do prior to the competition starting is nails.  You must do your hair and make-up from beginning to end in the time allotted.

This category is about creating a look for real women, not a professional model, and is judged on your ability to bring out the subject’s natural features, as well as application and technique.  Style her to perfection from top to toe, and make sure you bring your Mood Board to show the inspiration for your work.

The theme this year allows you to showcase your transformation techniques and, for the first time, Real Beauty will require you to create two looks in the allotted time.  Your first look is for daytime and you have 90 minutes for this, after which your model will be photographed.  You will then transform the make-up to an evening version.

For the evening transformation, you are permitted to selected only 4 items to work with, apart from your brushes – 1 item for hair (e.g. 1 pin, 1 grip, 1 decorative accessory, etc.) and 3 make-up items (e.g. lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, shadow, etc.).  Please note that an eyeshadow colour is classed as one item, regardless of whether it is in a palette, quad, duo or single.  Any age of model is permitted over the age of 16 in Real Beauty.  Create a flawless, age appropriate look, selecting products that work for her skin tone, eye and face shape.  Application is key to producing a flawless finish.  You’ll be judged on your ability to bring out the potential of your subject, as well as your skills in application and technique.  Bring with you a head and shoulders shot of your model as she normally looks – the before and after shots will be compared to gauge the full effect of the final look.



Our hugely popular bodypainting competition is back and bigger than ever! Open to Students AND Pro artists.

Paintopia continue their Death of Disney series

Paintopia continue their Death of Disney series. Image Credit: Paul Jones of Elysium Photography

Theme: The Circus Comes To Town

Time: 5 hours

Our Bodypainting category is once again judged by two of the UK’s leading names – Jennie Roberts and Catriona Finlayson from Paintopia.  The theme is The Circus and we’re looking for exceptional work, either brush and sponge or airbrush, combined with costume, headpiece and innovative use of props.  Again an inspiration board is required to be presented.  For this the judges will be looking for interpretation of theme, application, uses of adornment to enhance work and technique.

Disciplines allowed: airbrush, brush and sponge combined (you may use all or any these).  Nude painting is prohibited and all models must wear suitable protective underwear and nipple covers.  Students and Pros will be judged separately, so make sure you enter yourself at the correct level.


New Category – #InstaWarpaint Photographic Competition

Theme:  Festival Looks

Open for Student and Pro artists

For the first time, the Warpaint Championships are giving you the opportunity to showcase your original photographic images in this brand new category.  With a nod to summer, use your imagination and creativity to produce cover-worthy shots.

Judged by the Warpaint editorial team and special guests, you’ll be marked on originality, photo composition, interpretation of theme, use of colour, styling, model choice and overall impact.  Entry is via post or email, and must be accompanied by the completed online booking.

Cost is £10 via post or £15 by email to cover printing costs.  Posted entries must be clearly mark on the back with the competitor’s name, address and contact details.  The deadline for receipt of entries is midnight on Friday 12th February 2016.  Entries must emailed to or by post to Warpaint Magazine, 2 Chalfont Mews, Augustus Road, London, SW19 6LT.

You can enter as many times as you wish.  Good luck!



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