November 12th, 2015

November 12th, 2015

Having experienced Macedonio Berezza’s artistry first-hand – Features Writer Deborah volunteered as his model for his demonstration on-stage at Professional Beauty North, and emerged as a glittering ice princess – we wanted to learn more about him and his career.  Currently enjoying the role of ARTDECO International Artistic Director, he helps the brand to create their trend-led looks while working in editorial and fashion make-up across the globe.


WP:  What first sparked your interest in make-up?

MB:  Actually it was purely by chance!  I was working for a cosmetic brand in Brazil, and we were  launching a makeup category – it was love at first sight!  I started to do demos on my colleagues and customers, and it was a success.  Then I was invited to be a make-up artist for that brand in Portugal.  Of course by that point I had developed my skills on my first make-up course.  Thereafter I knew it; I would be a make-up artist, and I was so happy – I had found my mission in this world.  I love my work!


WP:  Where did you train?

MB:  I had opportunity to do some training in Brazil, Portugal and UK.  My last course was at the London College of Fashion for Cinema, Theatre and TV.

WP:  How did you get involved with ARTDECO?

MB:  It was also by chance!  I meet the marketing director and she invited me to work in her team for ARTDECO.



WP:  What has been your favourite project to date?

MB:  I love product development – it is creative and you can let your imagination run free.  My first collaboration with ARTDECO was for the Fall/Winter Collection Mystical Forest.  We had great inspiration and we got to work with wonderful and on-trend products for that collection.

WP:  What are your essential kit products, and what are your latest discoveries?

MB:  In my opinion the essential kit needs to have nice skin products.  I’m always thinking about how to achieve perfect skin.  Therefore my advice is to invest a bit more money in high-quality skin products – primers, foundations, powders and concealers, they must to be perfect!  My favourite products are the ARTDECO High Definition Foundation and the High Definition Powder, they are amazing!


WP:  What advice would you give to make-up artists who are looking to make the step from student/junior to the next level?

MB:  The most important thing is that you create your own style; don’t try to copy anyone, you are a unique artist.  You can get great inspirations from others artists, but never copy.  Another important thing is to be always updated.  The world changes every day and we must to follow it.  Otherwise you will be an old fashioned professional and you’ll fall behind.

WP:  When shooting editorial or fashion looks, what advice would you give to achieve a fantastic look on camera and in person?

MB:  First of all, we must aim to work with really professional people, it makes such a difference!  I have had a bad experience with some jobs that have been done without professional models or photographers and it is never good!  Chemistry is also really important; when we have a good atmosphere the job is easy and pleasant to do.  As such, I always try to work with true professionals and I just try to be really professional and helpful as well.

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WP:  What is the next big thing you’re looking to achieve and tick off in your career checklist?

MB:  At the moment I’m quite busy with ARTDECO trainings, and don’t have that much time to think about it!  To be honest, I am not the kind of person to have a checklist.  I just work hard and the work comes, and I will already know when it’s time to do the next step.

WP:  What does the rest of the year hold for you?

MB:  I have a busy agenda until December!  First will be in Georgia to do trainings and some events for ARTDECO to promote the new collections.  Then I will be in the Middle East for almost two weeks promoting the brand and the collections as well.




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