#Getting Social – Bodypainting

August 13th, 2015

August 13th, 2015

Our Getting Social series is BACK!  The hottest round-up of inspiration we’ve found on the web, with some help from all of you!  We asked you to send in your own work and links to others who have inspired you, and now it’s time to share.  Time for #Getting Social – Bodypainting Edition.

By now we’re sure everyone has seen Matteo Arfanotti’s insane Iron Maiden-inspired bodypaint from this year’s Paintopia…  But we love it too much not to share it again!  Created as an exhibition design, Arfanotti’s design has even been retweeted by the band themselves – and who wouldn’t, given the level of the craftsmanship here?

Speaking of Paintopia, if you were lucky enough to attend this year you may have been aware of a film camera moseying up and down the tent – well it’s almost time for all to be revealed, with ‘The Bodypainters’ airing on TV later this year.  Here’s the trailer – keep your eyes peeled!

We spotted these intricate, mysterious bodypaints by American artist Michael Rosner, beautifully captured by photographer Tim Engle.  Surreal, architectural and primal, the dark backgrounds and limited use of colour in each design really make you focus on the details of the airbrush creations.   You can find out more about Rosner and his work at Eye Level Studio here.

Emma Fay is known for her stunning animal portraits, which you’re no doubt familiar with.  Earlier this year she joined forces with UN Water Strategy 2020 to highlight the clean water plight which is posing a threat to life across the globe.  Some of the statistics are extremely concerning, with Emma bringing attention to the different aspects of the problem in her complex design in this video.

Corie Willet creates some cheerfully grotesque bodypaints on herself – these day-glo zombie looks are as fun as they are freakish!  Her Instagram is full of bright and fantastical looks, and is well worth checking out.

John Poppleton specialises in Blacklight bodypaints, sometimes using multiple bodies to create these stunning and colourful vistas.  We were amazed at the level of detail you can see with the play of colour and light.  You can find out more about him and his work here.

We were completely mesmerised by this collaboration between bodypainter Kelsea Rae and Caley Johnson, who designs the most incredible headdresses.  Her Instagram is full of beautiful shots of her work, and collaborations with MUAs and bodyartists, but we were particularly struck by this ethereal water-inspired design.

Two times World Champion Bodypainter, the one and only Carolyn Roper, has launched her very own YouTube channel this week!  Check back regularly for weekly bodypaint videos from this hugely talented artist.  Her first demo is this 3D chain look – and you can find our interview with Carolyn here.



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