#Getting Social – SFX

July 27th, 2015

July 27th, 2015

Our Getting Social series is BACK!  The hottest round-up of inspiration we’ve found on the web, with some help from all of you!  We asked you to send in your own work and links to others who have inspired you, and now it’s time to share.  Time for #Getting Social – SFX Edition.

We enjoyed this interview with veteran SFX artist and Oscar winner Matthew Mungle, and the effort they took to show regular viewers just how much effort goes into minutes, or seconds, of footage.  It also gives you a peek into his vast warehouse and workshop.

Not only do bloodymarvellous make fantastic blood products (as we found out in our interview with Claire Williams here), but they also have some well-made and informative videos on how best to use their products and create grisly masterpieces.

Instagram alert – we have a new favourite page!  @SFXAtlas is full of fantastic inspiration and behind-the-scenes shots of the sculpting and creation stage of now-iconic images.  The best part?  They tag in the relevant artists so you can stalk them further.


Bryn Court sculpts the Batman statue for The Dark Knight Rises

Speaking of sculpting, we’re fascinated by Akihito Ikeda’s intricate maquettes and models.  Natural, fluid lines and incredible precision – we could look through them all day.


FaceOff is making a welcome return to screens this week for Season 9 – apparently there are some big shake-ups on the way!  Read up about all of the new batch of recruits here.


Brittany Leslie is one of the contestants this year, we love her puppet character

Reader Bruna Comédias sent in some great images of her work – we loved the colour play of this Alien Dragon creation.


We’re not sure we agree with all of these choices for best transformations in films – in fact, we’ve done several features on the topic!  You can find them here and here – but Cinefix does present some interesting trivia and knowledge about the history of SFX in films.

In case you missed our post about the great range of courses available from Make Up For Ever’s Academy, here’s a short video which runs through what you can expect from their intensive SFX course.

Thomas Suprenant brought the inanimate to life with his superb rendition of a bronze statue at IMATS Vancouver.  While the god-like model certainly helped, his use of colour and detailing was what really caught our eye in this Talos character make-up.

TSuprenant2SMALL TSuprenantSMALL

Last but not least, we couldn’t help but laugh at this tweet from Brittany Michel!


Thanks for all of your suggestions and submissions!  Keep an eye out on our Social Media, we’ll be doing a call-out for our next #GettingSocial feature soon!



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