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April 30th, 2015

April 30th, 2015



Sometimes all it takes is one product to whip the make-up community into a frenzy, if that one product can work mini miracles. Warpaint takes a closer look at the phenomenon that is the AmazingConcealer® to find out why it’s the latest buzz on the block.

AmazingConcealer® has become a firm beauty favourite with celebrities, beauty bloggers and MUAs alike. Many make-up artists simply won’t go anywhere without their ‘magic eraser’ and rave about its full but lightweight coverage and longevity.

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“It gives an airbrush finish to skin that’s so flawless,” explains Caroline Barnes, MUA for Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and Anna Friel. Sara Raeburn, MUA for Gwyneth Paltrow and Yasmin Le Bon has found that the concealer is “waterproof, highly pigmented, a multi-purpose concealer that’s a rescue product for complexion perfection.”

“It’s great to use on a shoot to get a flawless finish, it photographs well and minimum effort gets a maximum result,” explains the Pixiwoo girls. Kenneth Soh finds its soft texture easy to apply and blend, “a must for a make-up artists’ arsenal for perfect complexion.” Celena Hancock loves how it glides on and its texture just melts into the skin, “its staying power is also second to none.”


If you want to look as flawless as Beyoncé then you will fall in love with this little tube, as even Queen B’s make-up artist Francesca Tolot swears by it. “I like AmazingConcealer®. It’s very intense, very rich. It really covers a big problem if you need it to, and I like that,” Ms Tolot explains. AmazingConcealer® was also her product of choice to create the ‘no make-up look’ on Beyoncé in her ‘If I were a boy’ music video.

AmazingConcealer® has been used by MUAs behind the scenes on US hit TV shows including Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Pretty Little Liars.

Harpers Bazaar Women of the Year Awards, London, Britain - 04 Nov 2014

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is also a huge fan of the AmazingConcealer® and has shouted about her love of it in in Glamour, Marie Claire, Instyle, Best, Look, Daily Mail and You Magazine. Rosie uses the AmazingConcealer® to complete her ‘two minute’ in-flight face, proving AmazingConcealer® really does provide complexion perfection in minutes.

The multi-purpose AmazingConcealer® isn’t like others, it can be used to perfect any skin flaws, from dark circles, broken capillaries and blemishes, to uneven skin tone, rosacea and sun damage. AmazingConcealer® is in particular, the perfect complexion tool when applying bridal make-up and has recently been recommended for brides by Drew Barrymore.

There are some key elements to the AmazingConcealer® that make it such a good product. Firstly it’s water resistant and won’t fade. It won’t come off until you take it off and will even last though rain, wind, sweat and tears. Secondly it’s highly pigmented. almost four times more pigmented than traditional concealers. Pin-dot amounts erase most imperfections, dot, blend and repeat for larger flaws. Finally the natural finish. The lightweight, emollient texture means it acts like a second skin, never settling or creasing. Clients and won’t feel ‘caked’ in make-up.


Independent make-up artists can order a bespoke make-up artists package of AmazingConcealer® which comes in ten shades and in two convenient sizes (6ml, £19.50 RRP, 15ml, £29.50 RRP) these tubes pack a lot of punch with 15ml lasting up to 1 year. Click here for details.

For independent beauty retailers, salons and spas, the AmazingCosmetics® Professional Starter Package is designed to ensure that maximum profits can be made, whilst choosing a shade is simple for clients. AmazingConcealer® Professional Starter Package – £249 + VAT (generates £490*). Includes 6ml and 15ml tubes, one of each shade. *Based on selling all products at the RRP.

Amazing Cosmetics has also created a make-up artist exclusive area on their site which gives access to trade prices, professional tips, offers, the latest news and a direct way to buy. Making it really convenient for busy professionals to stay connected.


For more information on Natalie Roche Ltd exclusive UK and Ireland distributors or to become a stockist of AmazingCosmetics® click here or visit






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