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September 18th, 2014

September 18th, 2014

It’s amazing how valued a single product can become.  Mascara is its own category within eye make-up, given the enormous scale of products on offer.  Each brand offers a multitude of formulas and brushes, each promising different things.  Warpaint lines up the latest contenders, alongside some cult favourites you might not be familiar with.

High Street favourite Bourjois has a new addition to its volume-boosting Volume Glamour collection, arriving mid-October.  Describing the latest incarnation, the Volume Glamour Effet Push-Up mascara (£8.99), as the lash equivalent of push-up lingerie, you’ll guess that it’s an instant volume booster.  Giving plumped, thicker lashes with an uplifting brush, we’ll be flaunting our new curves gladly.


CODE Beautiful is a backstage hero with CODE VLM Mascara (£19.95).  VLM stands for Volume, Lengthening Mascara, with the company’s founders determined to design the perfect mascara they could never find.  This much-loved formula is infused with conditioning oils, waxes and vitamins.  Using the latest fibre technology, the intensely pigmented mascara coats lashes individually with the dense bristle brush, to grab and build lashes layer by layer.  Their Roots, Wriggle and Roll technique gives fantastic definition and volume.


Speaking of conditioning formulas, we have to say we’re very impressed with the new Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil (£7.99).  While Argan Oil might still be a bit of a buzz word in the beauty world, this formula dries quickly, feels lightweight and almost flexible, no doubt with the help of the super-soft bendy wand.  Volume can be built up as required, given the light feel, without the layers clumping and separating unattractively.


Each eye you work on is invariably different – sometimes even on the same face.  The multi-dimensional aspect of the eye – the changes in lash length and curl from inner corner to outer – is something that the designers at Lancôme has spent a long time considering.  The result?  The Swan-Neck™ wand of the Grandiôse mascara (£24.50).  This unusual curved stem has been designed to follow the eye’s curves and access all of the lashes, corner to corner.  The curve can also adapt to the contours of the face, meaning you’ll never have to worry about hitting a cheekbones, nose or eyebrow arch again as you struggle to reach the roots.  It also wins our vote on the prettiest packaging!


With Tarte only available in the States or from QVC, you might not be familiar with their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara (£17.76).  The distinctive and environmentally-friendly packaging gets a thumbs up from us, as does the 4-in-1 formula.  It lengthens, curls, adds volume and feels great on, thanks to conditioning olive esters in the formula.  There’s a waterproof version as well (Lights, Camera, Splashes) if you’re working in a wet zone.


Givenchy Noir Couture (£23.50) has released a new A/W 14 shade, Violet Etonnant, to go with the rest of their ‘Extravagancia’ pink and plum-toned collection.  The characteristic bobble-shaped brush gets right down to the lashline and the formula delivers almost iridescent purple-black lashes.  Our tip is to always remember to remove the excess, as a lot of product comes out on the wand.  Great for something a bit different, or to complement a jewel-toned eye look.


Lash primers have been fads we’ve entertained in the past, though the new Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer (£15) had us sitting up in our seats and paying attention.  With a big, bold brush, the formula is surprisingly light and creamy.  It gives the mascara which follows it (we’re a fan of the matching blacker-than-black Perversion Mascara, £17, as well) something extra to grab onto.  Thickening and lengthening, it’s great if you have a long shoot ahead, helping to keep your model flake-free.


When we read the words “Matte Mascara” our interest was definitely piqued.  Released as part of the A/W ‘Power of Love’ collection, the limited edition RMK Matte Mascara (£23) comes in four shades and has a delicate, curved ‘W brush’ which helps with separation, curling and getting volume right down at the roots.  The matte finish is subtle yet noticeable, giving an interesting twist to something which is so normal.


Stila has had something of a brand re-boot recently, and the new Mile High Lashes™ mascara (£16) really does coax extraordinary length out of lashes.  The intricate silicone brush has rows and rows of lobster claw-shaped bristles, catching each lash between them.  Don’t expect the most volume with this one, just lovely long, fluttery lashes.


The Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara (£18.50) isn’t the easiest product to get your hands on, but its thousands of Japanese fans suggest it’s worth the trouble.  Created by Japanese celebrity Aya Yasuda, who wanted to make her eyes appear bigger for TV, the dense tri-bobble brush was created when she took her usual mascara wand and started cutting it up with a pair of scissors, determined to make a better shape.  It’s now one of the best-selling mascaras in Japan, and we love the bold, kawaii-eye look it gives, sending our eyelash curlers to the bottom of our kits.




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