Alphabet Soup, The Main

August 28th, 2014

August 28th, 2014


Last week we served up our Starter Course of Alphabet Soup, covering the letters A-I.  This week, the Warpaint team continue their run-down of favourites starting with…


Ali:  Jurlique does these amazing sprays, the Rosewater Balancing, Purely Bright and Lavender Hydrating Mists.  They’re a godsend on set, smelling divine and refreshing the make-up if things have got too set and cakey.


Debs:  Juicy Tubes from Lancôme were the first high-end make-up I ever coveted, and eventually bought.  They were huge; the height of cool when I was a teenager, and I’m really glad that lip gloss is having another moment recently.


Emma:  Joel Harlow, definitely.  A multiple award-winning make-up artist and all round delightful man, I love his work, his film choices and his talent.


Ali:  Being a bit of a colour queen, I can’t help getting a little bit excited when I go into the KIKO Milano shop, as colour is most definitely their thing.  It’s not silly money, but the pigment level is high, and I do love a palette you can pick yourself.  Kiko ticks all the boxes for me.


Debs:  Kenny Myers is such a lovely man.  I was so nervous when I interviewed him, I was actually shaking!  A driving force behind the legendary Skin Illustrator palettes, and someone that every single SFX respects and thanks daily for – you’d be hard pressed to find a skilled SFX artist who doesn’t own one of his kits.  And of course there’s Kevyn Aucoin who was such a talent and taken far too soon.  His products are simply gorgeous.


Emma:  How can it not be Kryolan, the global pro beauty brand which is just a phenomenal success story?  German in origin, they are now in hundreds of countries, and are incredibly supportive of the MUA both at grass roots level as well as the international stars.  Kryolan certainly puts the pro first and foremost.



Ali:  I’m going to say the lovely Lancôme.  There’s not a lot I don’t like about this French staple of the cosmetics market, though I think mostly that because it’s my Mum’s skincare of choice, I have to pick it for my L.  I love the Bi-Fascil eye make-up remover, it’s just the best.


Debs:  If I was to lose my entire stash of make-up, I think I would have to buy myself a lipstick first…  They just make me happy.  Lightweight ones are my favourite; I like to be able to build up colour.  I’ve come a long way from Maybelline’s frosted baby pink Cotton Candy (my first ever make-up purchase)!  Today I’m wearing Lipstick Queen’s Aloha.  Can I also have The London Brush Company?  Sian’s Brush Soap is amaaazing, I’d never go back.


Emma:  It’s massive on the high street and has more money for R & D than any other brand I can think of, so L is for L’Oreal.  Everything they produce is good, it always looks polished and expensive while the products do deliver.  They are acquiring brands à la Estée Lauder as well, so I’ll be watching with interest what they do with brands like NYX and how they develop their professional side of the business.



Ali:  I can quite happily go make-up-free for days, except that I have to wear mascara, although I’m not quite brave enough to wear the bright new shades that are out at the moment.  My fave?  That’s quite hard… but YSL’s Baby Doll is right up there.


Debs:  I do like Make Up For Ever.  I find Dany Sanz fascinating and her products are incredible, especially when working in TV and film.  It’s like it was designed for HD before HD was even thought about.


Emma:  I have to say M.A.C for M.  They’ve more than earned their respect for the incredible vision and inspired collaborations.  Add in the sheer quality and functionality of product and M.A.C wins over many others.  They do have the most talented and gorgeous staff too, and their support for the pro MUA is outstanding.  Thanks, Christina and the team.



Ali:  The name’s Nye.  Ben Nye.  Ever since Kim Kardashian revealed that she uses the Banana Powder to help with her contouring, I’ve never known a product to be so in demand.  It’s mad.  I guess that’s the power of Social Media and celebrity these days.


Debs:  Big Harry Potter fan over here, so I’m going for Nick Dudman.  I’m so glad that there’s a whole area dedicated to the Creature Shop at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, because I think film fans assume that so much stuff they see on screen is digital, when it’s not!  So many people I’ve spoken to credit Nick as being a real inspiration who has been instrumental to their success.


Emma:  And don’t forget Neill Gorton.  His training studio is amazing, and he’s such a generous guy, with his time and his talent.  The Studio is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, as one of the best prosthetic training schools in the world.  Check out his Facebook pages too which are amazing forums that offer practical advice and discussion.



Ali:  I love Origins skincare and their cosmetics are lush too.  I like their Ginzing Mascara, and their Plantscription Range – the concealer never goes cakey or heavy.  It’s nice to have brands trying to infuse make-up with skincare benefits.


Debs:  The Emmys the other night reminded me of the Oscar looks piece we did, as well as our interview with Red Carpet King, Kristofer Buckle.  I love red carpet looks, it’s nice to see risk-takers and gorgeous, classic beauty looks.  Watching the likes of Warpaint buddy Armand Beasley at work, it’s definitely easier said than done to have a look that lasts as long as the Oscars ceremony.


Emma:  My pick would be Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – their pigments are just incredible.  Definitely worth picking some of their stuff up for long shoots, vivid high-fashion editorial or bodypainting.  Lip Tar is famous for a reason!


Ali:  Two very similar, yet very different choices, from me.  My choices are the lovely Pixiwoo sisters and the inimitable Pat McGrath.  In terms of inspiration, they are right up there for me.  Whether it’s McGrath getting everyone talking over those feathered eyebrows at the McQueen show, or the Pixiwoos encouraging aspiring artists through YouTube, I just think they’re both examples of how inspiring we can find other artists.


Debs: I love Paperself eyelashes, they’re absolutely stunning – especially the new Merry Go Round design.  Brands like that make me want to be more daring in my own day-to-day make-up.  I also have to get in a shout-out to PAM, which is basically product heaven.  It always stocks the little, useful things you didn’t even realise you needed.


Emma: PPI is the brand in SFX materials.  From the Skin Illustrator and the Signature Series palettes to the Telesis adhesive range and Marble Sprays, everything is covered.  Every SFX artist dreams of collaborating to produce their own palettes.

And of course, there’s our very own Professional Beauty.  We can’t wait for the Manchester competition and conference next month, it’s always such an amazing atmosphere.




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