Alphabet Soup, The Starter

August 20th, 2014

August 20th, 2014


So as August is traditionally slightly off centre news-wise, here in Warpaint Towers we thought we’d do something left field and work through the alphabet of make-up.  The Starter is the first in a series of three courses of Alphabet Soup.  Each one of the team chose something beginning with…


Ali:  It has to be airbrushing, bit revolutionary in the world of make-up from bridal to HD films.  Then we have to add AirBase into A, it’s a British Company leading the way in this type of technology.


Debs:  I love all things American, so my A is for Alcone, the make-up store extraordindaire.  I know there’s similar things over here, but Alcone does it on such a massive scale, and with their Agency they’ve built a real community place for MUAs.


Emma:  I’m going to say Aquacolor from Kryolan, the staple paint for any bodypainter.  Can’t imagine how much is used and sold at the World Body Painting Festival – quite a lot.



Ali:  I have a soft spot for Bourjois, the brand is innovative and great value for money.  Their little pots are iconic, and I defy anyone not to find the colour they want.  Bourjois has been a big supporter of Warpaint, back when we were in print and now that we’re digital too.


Debs:  I love Benefit’s Boxed Blushers – they’re handy and portable, and I really love the colours.


Emma:  I have a huge amount of respect for Bobbi Brown, and she was my first interviewee when we relaunched.  Her make-up is wearable but with a touch of class.

Bobbi backstage APPROVED


Ali:  CC Creams, has to be – the major revolution in foundation bases, and if I keep with the C theme then it’s Clarins, the first brand I fell in love with.  I still adore Eau Dynamisante.  Love the quality of the make-up, and the skincare is excellent.  Might be my Pro Beauty roots, but I was so pleased to see them back at Professional Beauty London.


Debs:  Chanel – in fact Coco Chanel for me.  I love, love, love their new Rouge Allure lipstick in Fougueuse, it’s neon pink perfection.  Last year’s Paris Haute Couture Show with make-up by Peter Philips was amazing.


Emma:  Think I’ll go with Max Factor’s Crème Puff, respect to a product nearly 70 years old and still going strong!



AliDior, can’t wait to see what comes from the House of Dior this Autumn as well as on the Catwalks with that Maestro Peter Philips on board.  I’m going to cheat and have another D, for the legend that was Dick Smith, a true master and an utter gentlemen.



Debs:  Ultimate respect for the camouflage abilities of Kryolan’s Dermacolor and Vichy’s Dermablend. Watching them completely transform a tattooed man nearly blew my mind.  You would never guess he was covered from head to toe in ink.

Dermacolor fixing spray Dermacolor fixing powder

Emma:  The lovely David Horne.  I’ve followed his career since we first met over a decade ago, from M.A.C via Makeup Forever to Illamasqua with Alex Box and now developing his own thing with House of Glam Dolls; my D is for David.  And if I’m allowed another D, I want to get a shout in for the amazing Daniel Parker, who let me sit in the chair just vacated by Brad Pitt when I visited him on the set of Troy -what more can a writer ask for?

xeniya_nikitina-david-horne IN-TENT-IN-KENYA-daniel-parker


Ali:  I’m falling back in love with Elizabeth Arden at the moment.  Their colour collections are on trend, the formulas rich and strongly pigmented – I’m predicting bit of a renaissance for the brand. I love the story of Elizabeth too; her name was really Florence Nightingale Graham and she trained as nurse, you couldn’t make that up!


Forence Nightingale Graham aka Elizabeth Arden

Forence Nightingale Graham aka Elizabeth Arden

DebsEllis Faas definitely.  I love her story, being discovered by Mario Testino, and I love the products more. They’re just so contemporary and practical. I really rate her Skin Veil Foundation. I’m very fair skinned but with dark hair, so finding a perfect match that’s not for blondes is tricky. Skin Veil Light Fair is perfect.

Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas


Emma:  That leaves Estee Lauder for me.  The make-up world wouldn’t be what it is today without her influence.  The company itself is such as major player, but still is able to nurture niche brands and keep a strong core name. I love their Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Envious, just cheers me up.

Estee Lauder envious


Ali:  FX, I’m completely and utterly fascinated by the work of our top FX artists.  If I continue on this tip then FangsFX, again another true Brit company taking over the world with the FX teeth.  Hoping Chris Lyons might make me a set of perfect premiere teeth at some point!


Debs:  Let’s see – Face Off? I love this but sadly its only Stateside at the moment.  Really hope that it comes back to the UK.  The new judge for this season is Lois Burwell, and with seven seasons under their belts I feel we’re missing out on the talent on display.

Emma:  Foundations, a bit of a nightmare if I have to choose a favourite so I think I’ll go with the one with a 12,000 long waiting list – YSL’s new Fusion.



Ali:  Oh I’m torn as two of my all time favourite brands begin with G, but I’m going to say Givenchy.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas DeGennes years ago, he was visionary then and looking at the collections he’s put together for Givenchy over the last 10 years, well, they are sublime.

Nicolas DeGennes at work

Nicolas DeGennes at work

Debs:  Well then I’ll say Guerlain.  From Meteorites to the new Lingerie de Peau Compact Foundation they rarely get it wrong for me.  But I’m also going to have a second Pro choice, and say Greasepaint and Guru.  Guru’s new location in Kensington Church Street is a make up lover’s Nirvana, and the Greasepaint School has produced some amazing talent.

meteorites_pearls_-_03_medium_1 guerlain_lingerie_compact_300

Emma:  I’m not going to pick a brand but a colour, and go for gold.  I picked up a fabulous sparkling gold eyeshadow from Atelier Paris at the recent IMATS show – it’s literally like gold leaf, with a crème consistency that applies well and gives you plenty of wiggle room before it dries.  And if we’re thinking schools, then Glauca Rossi’s School of Make Up needs a mention, some major talent first learnt their skills here.


Ali:  I’m going to say Hourglass, quite a niche range over here, but a big celeb favourite in the States.  They’re big on the science and work hard to give you products that really deliver.  Particularly like their Ambient Light and Glow bronzer and blusher.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - product

Debs:  Being a sensitive soul I’m saying Hypoallergenic.  I’ve just got to look at a different product and my skin will react, but I do love Steam Cream. It’s lightweight, makes the perfect base for make-up, my skin doesn’t feel tacky (or worse, wet) and I adore their packaging!


EmmaHakuhodo Brushes are genuinely the softest brushes I’ve ever felt.  If you don’t look at the price tag you’d only want these in your kit.  But seriously, one will do.  Hakuhodo is one of the leading make-up brush manufacturers in Kumano, 20 km from Hiroshima – which is where more than 100 brush companies are located and they produce around 500,000 brushes every month.  Hakuhodo have been manufacturing make-up brushes for many cosmetic companies including the likes of Tom Ford.  You’ll be hard pushed to find them here in the UK, so it’s a brand to look out for on your travels.



Ali: Has to be IMATS, I love meeting old friends and new ones.

Debs:  I love Inglot.  Poland might not be the first place you’d look for a make-up range, but their Freedom palettes are brilliant, I just can’t get enough of them.  Excellent quality, yet completely affordable!


EmmaIllamasqua never fails to impress me – their seasonal collections are wild, but the business behind the brand has their feet firmly on the ground.  It’s British, which I like, and has a massive commitment to the Pro Community – I guess as it was founded by two of the best.





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