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August 13th, 2014

August 13th, 2014

For our second feature in our Getting Social series we decided to focus on Bodypainting.  If you missed the first feature in this series, you can find it here.  This week we’re rounding up our latest favourite links and pics in the wonderful world of bodypainting.

World Body Painting Festival 2014

No bodypainting round-up would be complete without mentioning its spiritual home and 2014’s competition was as wild and exciting as ever.  If you missed out on this year’s Pop Art explosion, there are images of all of the entrants on the website.  Definitely worth a look if you’re thinking of entering for next year.

Trina Merry stands out by blending in

It was love at first sight when we spotted Trina Merry’s gorgeous camouflage paintings against New York’s skyline.  A bit of investigating revealed Merry’s incredible art installations and beautifully decorative body paints.  To see her full portfolio, you can visit her website here.

Animal Planet

We recently also shone the spotlight on talented artists Emma Fay, Gesine Marwedel, Guido Daniele, Johannes Stötter, Wiser, Craig Tracy and Kate ‘Spinks’ Dean, who render members of the animal kingdom on human bodies to great success.  If you missed the post, you can find it here.

Carolyn Roper entertains at Kryolan

World Bodypainting Champion Carolyn Roper took to the floor at this weekend’s Kryolan Masterclass with some great tips and tricks – everything from the best nipple covers (she prefers the flower ones, and suggests applying them when your model is already cold, to avoid puckering later) and how to score better in competitions by paying close attention to judging criteria.  “Look at the judging criteria, each of them, and think of how you can score top marks for each of them.  The torso is your main canvas.  If one of the criteria is colour, don’t rock up with a black and white design and expect to score top marks!  Make it as difficult as possible for them to knock points off each criterion.”

She also passed on the best piece of advice she’s ever received: “Paint around you, rather than around the theme.  Paint how you know you can paint best, then find a way to bring it back round to the competition’s theme.  Play to your strengths as an artist!”

Blast from the Past

Speaking of Carolyn Roper, as we hope many of you remember, Warpaint was originally a print title – but what you may not be aware of is that we have a selection of features preserved online!  You can find them saved on Issu, and we’ve pulled out a couple of our old favourite bodypainting features, including one on Carolyn’s work.

Read A Meeting of Minds and Naked Ambition here.

August '04

August ’04

Paintopia 2015 Registration – Opening Soon

If you fancy trying your hand at competing in one of the UK’s most popular bodypaint competition, registration for next year’s competition should be opening any day now.  Keep you eyes peeled and check back regularly!

Skin Wars

A brand new competition show is giving the world’s best bodypainters the opportunity to win a $10,000 cash prize!  Showing on America’s GSN (Game Show Network), the contestants are judged by veteran artists Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina.  Worth keeping an eye out for, if you can access it!

The Artists - Source

The Artists – Source

Born to Run

Proving once more that body art is a hugely popular medium for advertising campaigns, the recent collaboration between Tiger Balm and the Born Free Foundation resulted in this stunning art piece, painted by Emma Fay.  We’ve seen impressive tiger body art before, but never from profile, and we love the effect!

Naked New York

A couple of weeks ago, on 26th July, if you had been around Columbus Circle in Central Park, New York, you would have been witness to the first annual, fully nude, New York City Bodypainting Day.  The event was organised by Andy Golub and Craig Tracy, and saw over 30 artists come together to paint more than 40 nude models from Young Naturists America.

Stitch to the Rescue

We spotted Nadjah Luchovsky’s great piece of face painting this morning, transforming herself into Disney’s Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.  A great example that sometimes the best canvas is yourself!



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