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July 2nd, 2014

July 2nd, 2014

A trusty camouflage kit is essential for all MUAs, no matter what area of the business you work in.  Sometimes your concealer simply isn’t enough, no matter how impressive it is.  Whether you’re hiding tattoos, covering skin imperfections or conditions, or giving a boost of beauty confidence, Warpaint have sought out the best camouflage products in the business.


Kryolan’s Dermacolor range has won its way into many kits with its variety of textures and formulas, as well as its intensive pigmentation to cover any imperfections or markings.  Our favourites from the range come in the form of the Fixing Powder (£11.15 for 20g) and Fixing Spray (£14.25), which are what render the thick textures into realistic skin once more.  Pat the powder over each layer of colour, leave for a short while and then dust off the excess, then using the Fixing Spray to add natural sheen to the newly-created skin, as well as adding an additional protective barrier to avoid any knocks to your hard work.

Dermacolor fixing powderDermacolor fixing spray

Of a similar vein is the Vichy Dermablend range, which has expanded recently to include a total body cover, a corrector stick for precision, a cream compact and their bestselling Corrective Foundation (£14.45).  The Dermablend range is readily available and slots more easily into the more traditional beauty make-up, with an added boost of colour and pigmentation for those who suffer with skin conditions such as vitiligo or rosacea.  The malleable texture means that you can control the opacity fairly well, rather than being dealt with just one level of colour and coverage.  The results are beautiful, and incredibly natural.


We’re also impressed by Keromask’s range of 24 shades of cover cream, which will disguise everything from dark circles to tattoos and scars.  Longlasting and very user friendly, this range of creams and powders come very highly recommended, and rightly so.  We love their Sample Kits – for only £4.99 you get a sample size of half of the colours available, split into Light and Medium.  Great for colour-matching, pinpoint covering or simply trying before you buy, we think it’s a fab idea.

Keromask sample kit

For a handy, travel-friendly palette you can’t go wrong with the Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palettes (£25.50).  Containing five colours, they have split the shades up into four different skin types – European, Asian, Mixed and Black Skin – as well as the handy Pro Colour Correctives palette.  Combining pinks, lavenders and greens among others to deal with different skin complaints, it’s a great way to provide a blank and colour-neutral canvas.  Creamy and pigmented, we recommend using the warmth of your fingers to work them in.

MUFE 5CamouflagePalette

If you struggle to find the perfect shade of corrector, we dare you to be disappointed by Veil’s enormous shade selection.  Originally formulated to help disguise medical scarring, it gives a fantastic skin-like finish while still delivering on pigmentation.  Offering everything from skincare, finishing powders, samples, tattoo kits and their original Cover Cream (£19.95), Veil are dedicated to providing a seamless and natural look and restoring confidence in their users.

Veil medium_large_covercream

For an all-over perfected look, you could try the COVERMARK Leg Magic (£25.65), ideal for use all over the body for shoots or films.  It covers perceptible detractions such as varicose veins, stretchmarks, birthmarks, bruises, as well as tattoos.  Leg Magic is lightweight, completely waterproof, dermatologist recommended, contains an SPF 16 using a total UVA/B sunblock, and it won’t rub off on clothing.

Covermark leg magic

Those who have, or know clients who have, sensitive skin should know all about Lycogel Breathable Camouflage make-up (£45.99).  Although not cheap, the revolutionary Triple silica gel technology in this foundation forms a unique breathable matrix.  The chemical structure of the matrix causes it to be attracted to the surface of the skin itself so it stays in place, providing a base to suspend fine particles like colour pigments and traditional make-up on top, or left alone.  Under magnification, the matrix appears as a breathable meshwork to allow air, moisture and ingredients to reach the skin – it’s like wearing a second skin.

lycogel camouflage_large_new



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By Deborah Murtha

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  1. It’s good to see some new hypoallergenic products on the market .
    It’s also great to see the new technology .
    In film we need to cover so many tattoos in I’m always looking at the latest product available.

  2. louise weller says:

    this was a brilliant piece of info either for my research or for pointing out to the student

  3. Great article!

    There should be more of this out there as yet still so many people are left in the dark when i comes to the topic of camouflage makeup.

    I have a birthmark on the right side of my face, i have been using Keromask since i was 15 and only found out about it in a tiny article. Keromask turned my life around and my confidence.. I set it with Veil finishing powder. You can see how i apply it on my video on my website. Derma Color is also brilliant. Thanks for this article Warpaint, i love all your MUA info..

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