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June 20th, 2014

June 20th, 2014

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It’s the go-to method of creating flawless complexions, whether it’s filming in HD or bridal perfection.  The airbrush has revolutionised the way make up can be applied.  But if you think you know airbrush, then think again. Meet the Temptu AIRpod System.

It’s already taken the US by storm, delivering fast, flawless results with no mixing, no mess, no fuss and no airbrush cleaning.  Originally developed for the US consumer market by leading airbrush makeup manufacturer Temptu Inc., the Temptu AIRpod System is now available on this side of the Pond from Impet2us Limited.

Five years in development and covered by four patents, the unique Temptu AIRpod technology is high performance, without the time-consuming cleaning and maintenance associated with traditional airbrush equipment.  The pods simply lock into place on the ergonomically designed AIRpod, so making changing colours simple and fuss free.

Ultra-light and highly portable, both consumers and busy make up pros get that flawless finish associated with air-applied make up – but with no mess, no fuss and no airbrush cleaning.  The complete system is small enough to slip into your kit or overnight case and comes in its own handy zip-up bag.  Ergonomically designed for precision control, it’s simple to regulate cosmetic colour flow through the airbrush by simply pulling back less or more on the trigger.

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The patented AIRpod attaches directly to the front of the airbrush making colour change quick, easy and fuss-free.  No cleaning required.

The small, ultra-light compressor features and adjustable air pressure regulator – suitable for face and body make-up.  By adjusting both air pressure and cosmetic flow, a wide range of professional make up finishes can be created: from up-close blemish correction to wide area body bronzing, as well as flawless foundations, highlights, contours and blush.

Each AIRpod contains Temptu’s proprietary pro-based formula that delivers a natural, flawless complexion, giving a long lasting professional finish to the skin in a matter of minutes.  The renowned Temptu foundation is buildable from sheer to full cover, allowing the quick and easy correction of uneven skin pigmentation and blemishes.

The luxurious formula contains an advanced hydrating complex that gives skin an inner radiance that looks amazing both up-close-and-personal and on camera.

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Each AIRpod Foundation also contains a built-in primer for perfect results that last all day.  The wide range of foundation colours, highlighter, blush and bronzers can be lightly layered on the face and body to define, shape, highlight and contour.

If you already have a compressor for airbrush make-up you may be able to add on the AIRpod by purchasing the conversion kit, it’s easy and affordable.  The compressor will need to be adjustable (most professional make-up compressors are).  Just call Impet2us on 01384 376016 or email to ask about compatibility.




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