Animal Planet

June 17th, 2014

June 17th, 2014

Incredible body art and incredible photography always gets us excited here at Warpaint, so when a collection of shots arrives from some of the top artists in the world, all featuring a variety of animals, we had to bring them to you.

Emma Fay is a concept body artist and works worldwide specialising in make-up and concept artistry, alongside hair and beauty services, and tutoring.  She combines her artistic, theatrical and business background with her professional experience and knowledge to create some stunning work.  As an arts awards advisor and creative director of Enter Edem interactive art, entertainment and education, Emma can provide art workshops to tailor to any project or event.

Emma fay - seahorse Emma Fay - Giraffe Emma Fay - spider

Born in Eckernforce, Gesine Marwedel grew up in Dortmund after which she moved to India and volunteered in a children’s home.  Greatly experienced by this, she returned to India after graduating from the University of Dortmund and first came into contact with henna art which ultimately led to field of body painting.  Gesine now works for corporates, events, film and TV as well private clients and it’s the joy of painting that is always at the forefront.

Gesine Marwedel - Flamingo

Gesine Marwedel – Flamingo

Gesine Marwedel - Bird of Paradise

Gesine Marwedel – Bird of Paradise [photography Jim Johnston]

Gesine Marwedel - Fish

Gesine Marwedel – Fish

Gesine Marwedel - Lizard

Gesine Marwedel – Lizard


A native of Soverato, Italy, Guido Daniele now lives and works in Milan.  Painting and exhibiting since 1968, he majored in sculpture at Brera School of Arts, graduating in 1972, after which he work as a hyper-realistic illustrator with major editing and advertising companies, using and testing different painting techniques.  He added airbrushing to his repertoire in 1986, followed four years later with body painting for advertising work and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.

Guido Daniele - Snake

Guido Daniele – Snake

Guido Daniele - Parrot

Guido Daniele – Parrot

Guido Daniele - Elephant

Guido Daniele – Elephant

Guido Daniele - Eagle

Guido Daniele – Eagle

Multi-award winner Johannes Stötter is from the South Tyrol, Italy and studied at University of Innsbruck, Austria. His body painting credits include: 4th place at the European Bodypainting championship in 2001; Bodypainting Vice World Champion in the brush and sponge category in 2011; Italian Bodypainting Champion 2011; 4th place at the International Fine Art Bodypainting Awards in New Orleans; Winner of the Bodypainting Awards Beauty Forum Munich (2010 and 2011), beauty forum Zürich, 2011 before taking the title of Bodypainting World Champion 2012 (brush/sponge).

Johannes Stoetter - Frog

Johannes Stoetter – Frog

Johannes Stoetter - Snake

Johannes Stoetter – Snake

Already an accomplished graffiti artist, Wiser was introduced to Body Painting in 2006 by master bodypainter Mark Reid.  With encouragement from Mark and others he began to bring his wildstyle graffiti to the human body combining the two artforms.  Since then he has completed numerous creative works including phenomenal in studio conceptual pieces, countless live freestyle pieces done as entertainment, and some award winning competitive works.  He has worked for clients such as Syfy, NBC, Playboy, Absolut, Bacardi, Ed Hardy, Tapout, and Penn and Teller.  His work was also featured in the 2013 SyFy series Naked Vegas.  As an international instructor, Wiser teaches classes on his graffiti style body painting at many face and body painting conventions and workshops around the US and internationally.

Wiser Oner - Butterflies

Wiser Oner – Butterflies

Born and raised in New Orleans, Craig Tracy has always been an artist.  His early years were filled with drawings and paintings of idealised love and beauty and he continued to expand his artistic horizons well into his teen years and at 15 he received his first airbrush as a gift from his parents.  Airbrushing would become the technique that would dominate his next 20 years of painting.  A graduate with honors from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Craig was a professional freelance illustrator by the age of 20.  This period of work dealt primarily with airbrush illustration for advertising agencies and editorial publishing houses. “I actually hated being an illustrator.  I was so disappointed by just how mind-numbingly boring and lonely it all was.  The isolation created a cabin fever vibe and the fact that I was painting mostly commercial and industrial images seemed empty to me.  I had no real interest or connection to the work and it seemed to suck the passion and energy right out of me.”  Craig was enthralled by the idea of becoming a fine art bodypainter and he ventured to Europe to meet and share with fellow body painting artists.  Today Craig Tracy owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world dedicated to fine art body painted images.

Craig Tracy - Tiger

Craig Tracy – Tiger

Kate ‘Spinks’ Dean has been a professional body painter for over 13 years.  Based in Somerset she was crowned Freestyle Body Painting Champion at the World Body Painting Festival in both 2009 and 2012. In 2013 she launched her debut fine art collection Life in Flight representing the various stages of life through images of body painted birds and is currently working on her 2014 collection.

Kate Spinks Dean - Peacock

Kate Spinks Dean – Peacock [Photography Dave Matthews]

Kate Spinks Dean - Hummingbird

Kate Spinks Dean – Hummingbird



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  1. rosemary miilner says:

    just looking at them is enchanting

  2. Spinks says:

    Peacock photography by Dave Matthews, Hummingbird by Jim Johnston.

    • Warpaint Magazine says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for letting us know, we will update the piece with their credits!

  3. I love this body painting article . The talent is a fabulous.

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