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May 22nd, 2014

May 22nd, 2014

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After the roaring success of our Warpaint Competition at Professional Beauty in March attracting a record number of competitors, we’re unveiling a new look for Manchester on Monday 20th October.

We’ve added a whole new category for Bodypainters and Real Beauty entrants are now offered a choice of themes.

1.         Special FX – NOTE this category has 5 hours to complete the look

Theme:  Seven Deadly Sins

Take your creativity to another level and showcase your talents with this all-encompassing category.  Inspiration can come from any country or decade.

Taking place over 5 hours, you’ll be judged on your use of Prosthetic appliances, Hair and Wigs, Costume and Styling. Judging criteria are: Interpretation, Design, Technique of Application, Colour and Overall Presentation.

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2.         Fashion

Theme:  The Roaring ‘20s

Put your own spin on the fashions and styles of the Roaring ‘20s from Flapper, to Gatsby, Votes for Women and Prohibition, we want to see every influence of the decade, adding your own new and innovative twist.

Your accompanying Mood Board that you’ll bring with you on the day will storyboard your inspiration and vision.  You’ll be talking through this with the judges to walk them through your creation.

Both male and female models are permitted.  Style your model to complete your look, with carefully sourced clothing and great looking hair to reflect your creation.

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3.         Edit

Theme:  Sweet Like Candy

Create the perfect editorial photographic look using your Pro MU skills.  Application techniques, finish and final scrutiny are the key attributes here, make-up and airbrushing come into their own.  In this category, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – your look need not reflect conventional beauty, it’s more important to withstand the scrutiny of close examination.

Show skills in blending and contouring, creating the illusion of perfect skin in this visual representation of the perfect summer break.

Choose your model wisely in terms of hair, skin and teeth.  The final make-up will be photographed live as part of the judging process.

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4.         Real Beauty    NOTE this category offers a choice of theme. choose one only

Theme:  Christmas Party or Bollywood Queen

The expansion of the Real Beauty category provides a choice of two themes, allowing competitors to select their chosen option, regardless of hair colouring, skin type and to incorporate all ethnicities.  Your target client is real women, not professional models – style her to look perfect.  Sleek, flawless hair and elegant clothing enhance the beauty of the occasion.

Any age of model is permitted over the age of 16 in Real Beauty.  Create a flawless, age-appropriate look, selecting products that work for her skin tone, eye and face shape.  Application is key to produce a flawless finish.

You’ll be judged on your ability to bring out the potential of your subject, as well as your skills in application and technique.  Before and after shots will be compared to gauge the full effect of the final look.

showcase 2-1

5.         Body Painting *NEW* category for Manchester 2014, NOTE this category has 5 hours to complete the look

Theme:  Best of British

Due to popular demand, we are introducing a new category for Manchester 2014 that concentrates on the skill of the solo body artist, and allows SFX its own showcase. For this the judges will be looking for interpretation of theme, application, uses of adornment to enhance work and technique.  Disciplines allowed: airbrush, brush and sponge combined (you may use all or any these).  Nude painting is prohibited and all models must wear suitable protective underwear and covers.

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The competition pack is online here




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