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May 1st, 2014

May 1st, 2014

Bombarded as we are by beautiful make-up and imagery every day here in the Warpaint office, some things still manage to catch our eyes and imagination.  This body art video by Melbourne-based British artist Elvis Schmoulianoff had us smiling, oooh-ing and aahh-ing over her quirky mannerisms and beautiful designs.

“‘Painted’ is an experiment in stop-motion face and body painting that plays with the idea of giving paint it’s own life and personality on a living canvas,” Elvis explains.  And the project was 100% Schmoulianoff; from the ideal’s conception, she did all of the painting, modelling, photography and editing – impressive stuff!

“Everything was photographed in my bedroom in late 2012/early 2013 with a point-and-shoot camera, natural light, a pile of paints and body paints, brushes and a mirror over a period of 10 days.  The final sequence contains footage from five of those days, and is comprised of 1,064 individual images; the rest was mainly retakes of the first minute, which all taught me valuable lessons in what not to do…”

Inspired by other artists’ work, as well as MUTO, a stop-motion grafitti video by BLU, we love the quirky and creative exhibition of her skills.


Source – Make-up: Elvis Schmoulianoff, Model: Elle May Smith, Tail: Lousie Lassay, Photography: Donatella Parisini

Schmoulianoff is a talented SFX artist, well versed in injury simulation, bruising and prosthetics, as well as wigs and costuming, as well as a creator of striking beauty shots.  A firm believer in animal rights and every individuals’ responsibility to look after our planet, Elvis dedicates portions of her free time to researching the ingredients and practices of cosmetics companies, to ensure that she only uses products which are skin, animal and environment friendly.  An inspiring jack of all trades, we’ll be keeping an eye out for her next venture!


Source – Make-Up: Elvis Schmoulianoff, Model: Tilly Smith, Photographer: Donatella Parisini, Assistant: Louise Lassay



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By Deborah Murtha

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