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April 23rd, 2014

April 23rd, 2014

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Why should the fun and creativity of make up be limited to the hours of daylight? With festival season fast approaching, UV adds another layer of intricacy to make-up that plays between light and dark, the vivid and the unseen. With its popularity and unique styling, it is little wonder that UV has its own category at the World Bodypainting Festival, which last year was won by Marina Vakhlialina of Russia. Warpaint have plucked some of the coolest products out of the darkness and let them shine through.

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Marina Vakhlialina won last year's UV Effects Award at the World Bodypainting Festival

Marina Vakhlialina won last year’s UV Effects Award at the World Bodypainting Festival

For broad-coverage application, bodypaint experts Cameleon have created UV-reactive colours for their Airline System. Available in six colours, the Cameleon Airline Liquid (£16, 100ml)have been designed to work with the Airline airbrush compression system to evenly cover vast amounts of skin with the delicacy of the airbrush system.

Cameleon airline

Kryolan are known for their deeply-pigmented products, and their Aquacolor Day Glow Color (£7.80, 15ml) is no different. With a great range of seven bright colours, these fat-free watercolour cakes are so intensely coloured that they already glow under normal light conditions. Universally applicable, from skin to prosthetics or clothes, the application is effortless with a only a slightly moistened sponge or brush. Or, if you prefer to work with a liquid texture, Kryolan’s UV Aquacolor Scoftcream (£11.95, 50ml)can produce equally vivid results.

Kryolan Day Glo

For precise but quick work, try UV Gear’s Invisible UV Body Ink Pens (£3.95), available in four colours. Invisible under normal ambient light, these pens burst into life under blacklight conditions. The precise nib and low cost mean these are handy to throw in your kit for detailing. For other detailing work, Fardel Fluid Liner (£5.95, 10ml) and a fine-tipped brush can have you creating intricate, glowing details in nine colours.

Fardel fluid liner


Extend the glow from finger to toe with Illamasqua’s limited edition UV Nail Varnish from their Paranormal Collection (£15). Available in bright blue-white ‘Geist’, vibrant purple ‘Séance’, shocking pink ‘Ouija’ and glowing green ‘Omen’, the shades deliver bold, high-impact colour with a distinctive shimmer finish which take on a life of their own under UV light.

Illamasqua ouija_uv Illamasqua varnish Ouija

For those who like to work with loose pigment formulas, Make Up For Ever’s Fluo Night-Black Light Pigments (£24.95) could be exactly what you’re looking for. Vivid and intense, these pigments are available in a variety of colours and can be used wet or dry. Similarly, MAC’s loose pigments (£17) in ‘Neo-Orange’ and ‘Magenta Madness’ will also react to UV light, allowing you to create a vibrant and daring look with regular light, which packs an extra punch when the light changes.

MUFE pigment MAC neo-orange pigment







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