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March 19th, 2014

March 19th, 2014

Here at Warpaint we’ve seen our fair share of exciting and awe-inspiring make-up creations, but it has been a while since an image has made us do a proper double-take.   Johannes Stötter’s latest work had us staring at our screens in disbelief, admiring the incredible transformation of a woman into a vibrant parrot.

The model is rendered virtually invisible by Stötter's artwork and clever photography

The model is rendered virtually invisible by Stötter’s artwork and clever photography

Stötter was crowned the World Champion in the Brush/Sponge category of the 2012 World Bodypainting Festival, and much of his bodypainting work revolves around nature.  His parrot piece, which required weeks of planning and four hours of solid application, as well as hours spent trying to pose and photograph the model correctly, has created a real stir, one with which the multi-talented artist is thrilled.

Johannes Stötter at work

Johannes Stötter at work

“I feel very happy with the final work.  Most people’s reaction is ‘nice photo of a parrot, where did you photograph it?’” he said, before admitting that, “Even some of my closest friends who know me and my art didn’t notice that it is not a real parrot.  Then, when they found out, they were really amazed, stunned and surprised.”

Stötter adds some detail to the parrot's head

Stötter adds some detail to the parrot’s head

The Italian artist said of the process, “It was quite hard to take the photo, to tell the model how to pose to make the parrot seem as real as possible and also to find the right point of view for me to take the photo.  It was not easy for the model to hold the position either.  The whole process took about four weeks from start to finish.”

Melon head - Stotter web

The image has been igniting disbelief and admiration across the internet, as images of the look spread across numerous image-sharing and news sites.  With the World Bodypainting Festival only a couple of months away, and artists such as Stötter receiving international attention, this could be the Festival’s biggest year to date.

Leaves - Stotter web

One of Stötter's full body designs

One of Stötter’s full body designs

More of his work can be seen on his website:



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