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January 28th, 2014

January 28th, 2014

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We love it at Warpaint when we have amazing artwork submitted.  Sometimes we get to see a unique partnership between artist, model and photographer.  When they push the boundaries of what make-up is traditionally used for, the results are mesmerising.


Meet Photographer Oisin Vink and model and MUA Sonia Osjecka who have done just that.

‘Painting Live’ is a photographic series, with make-up inspired by the paintings of Françoise Nielly.  Traditional face and body painting make-up was used to transform the artist’s two-dimensional images into a live painting.  Pria Make-up, in essence, painted her own face, whilst also modelling for the images.  In tandem with shooting the images, photographer Oisin Vink assisted in gradually applying an assortment of water-based paints onto the make-up, in order to exaggerate the 3D painting theme.  The images were shot in an outdoor location, against a wall with abstract graffiti already painted onto it.  As well as utilising natural light, a selection of fill and ring flashes were used to create the dusk-like effect in the darker images.

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For the make-up, Sonia used the same technique as all the painters do working on their canvas.  Start off from the base, working up layers of colour, mixing shades and end up with fine details.  “I choose different brushes to achieve various effects; strokes from a palette knife, thick layers, dripping paint where needed to achieve the proper texture.  My aim was to make sure your face looks as close as possible to a real vibrant and surreal painting,” she explains.


You can also view the application of the make-up in this Youtube tutorial

Oisin Vink is a contemporary artist and writer, currently working in the field of fashion photography. Photography: Oisin Vink Photography, Model: Sonia Osiecka,  Make-up: Pria Make Up.



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