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December 5th, 2013

December 5th, 2013

French Connection

PAM's katy Croxford with Alain Brunner

PAM’s katy Croxford with Alain Brunner

There’s something slightly intoxicating about spending a morning with a creative cosmetician, and Alain Brunnen certainly didn’t disappoint.  Hosted by the ever helpful team at PAM, this resourceful Parisian walked us through the huge range of colours and products that they create.  From pansticks that withstand all weathers to virtually indestructible matte powders (which he demonstrated this by dropping it from head height and believe me, there was no a grain out of place), Maqpro products demonstrate the versatility that is called for from a truly professional range.  With 250 power colours in the catalogue, it’s a surprise to learn that there are thousands more from which you can choose – you only need to ask.

Maqpro products are proudly French, handmade in their Beziers factory – to which there’s an open invitation for muas – and are built to last, with Alain quoting an expected lifetime of 20-25 years for the Fard Crème stick base.  With its 60 shades, liquid foundation can withstand seawater, chlorine, even saunas, is air drying and non-transferrable.  HD gets its own specific product for use as a solo base or even over existing make-up, no powder necessary.


Palettes are a mainstay of the brand with the versatility to create any combination desired in 3, 6, 10 or 36 slot trays and the wealth of muas from Pat McGrath to Jan Sewell who have put their names to a palette is testament to the quality and reliability, whether you’re filling it with colours for lips, eyes, cheeks, concealer or foundation.  And if face paints, liquid watercolours or glitters are your thing, the offerings are as wide as they are colourful, and there’s a clever mascara that works on lash extensions as well as the real things.

liquid watercolours eyeshadows

Geared directly to the pro mua, visitors to the Paris studio can benefit from Maqpro’s in-house service which can turn around a custom colour for you in only one hour.  From tools to cleaners, bases to powders and a discount scheme to boot; this is one French range to get better acquainted with.


Winner Takes All

Royal Television Society Craft and Design Awards 2013


Congratulations to the winners and nominees

 Make Up Design – Drama

Winner – Lucy Cain, Burton and Taylor, BBC Drama Production London/BBC America for BBC Four

Lucy Cain

Lucy Cain

Burton and Taylor

Burton and Taylor

“The jury praised the winner’s perfect interpretation and faultless characterisation, as well as her skill and lightness of touch.”


Pamela Smyth, The Fall, Artists Studio/Fables for BBC Two

Christine Walmesley-Cotham, Call The Midwife – Christmas Special & Series 2, Neal Street Productions for BBC One

Make Up Design – Entertainment & Non Drama

Winner – Vanessa White, Hunderby, Baby Cow Productions for Sky Atlantic

Vanessa White

Vanessa White



“The jury said that the overall make-up design and comic characterisation made a major contribution to the originality of the project.”


Kate Benton, Mr Stink, BBC Comedy Production in Association with Bert Pictures for BBC One

Kate Benton, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Big Talk/Points West Pictures for Sky Arts

Winners and nominees for all the Craft and Design Awards categories can be found here



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