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November 12th, 2013

November 12th, 2013

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There’s no denying make up costs and if like the majority of jobbing MUAs you have to buy your kit yourself, any way of saving on the RRP is most welcome. Pro Schemes offer anything up to 40% off, so if you aren’t lucky enough to be showered with free samples by the big brands, we’ve rounded up some of the best pro discounts together with a few clever tricks to turn your working credits into product.
Product for Credits
Many brands will run editorial credit programmes. Any published work that carries the products used in credits is of value to a brand. Most PR departments will have a sliding scale of the publications. They’ll probably deny it, but Vogue and the Daily Mail will be more valuable to lesser circulation titles, but if you love a particular product it’s worth giving the brand a ring and asking if they have editorial credit programmes.
Product Endorsement
The media is more diverse than ever. Its not just print, but online and social now. If you are quoted in the media or have built up a substantial following then recommending your favourite blusher or sharing the contents of your kit is free editorial for the brand.
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Pro Discount
Many brands offer an actual discount scheme for verified MUAs. You’ll have to prove that you are a Pro, but once you do you’ll save yourself a wad of cash. Here’s a round up courtesy of MUA Karla Powell of who offers pro schemes:
Make Up For Ever Backstage Card UK – 35% Discount . Contact PAM to apply for discount.
Bobbi Brown UK (Discount told upon request)- Discount available via Selfridges London, Trafford Park and Exchange Square. Email Bobbi Brown UK for more information on applying:
Temptu Pro Artist Programme International- 30% Discount. Apply for discount here
OCC Cosmetics International – 20% Discount. Email for qualifying Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, Models, Photographers and other Industry Professionals are entitled to a 20% discount on all OCC Cosmetic Products purchased for professional use. To apply, email us them a link to your website or online portfolio, along with your mailing address, phone number and preferred email address. Don’t have a website yet? Send them a scan of your comp card, a tear sheet (with printed name credit), professional license or diploma or union card instead. Still a student of makeup artistry or cosmetology? Send them a proof of your enrolment at your current school, and you’ll qualify as well
Urban Decay US 40% Discount : Apply for discount here
Victoria Loves Beauty UK Pro Discount (Discount told upon request): Apply for discount here 
Crownbrush UK 10% Discount: Apply for discount here
Daniel Sandler UK 20% Discount: Apply for discount here
NARS UK Online 40% Discount: Email NARS at  for an application form.
Laura Mercier International 40% Discount:
Email An Agency Representation: Have your agency fax a roster list on company letterhead or provide a link to the agency web site. Or for Film or Television Experience: Fax crew list with name credited as a makeup artist on set. Tear sheets with name credit and a Copy of a Union Card.
MAC Cosmetics (Discount depends on status): Application form here
Illamasqua 40% Discount: Apply here
Bare Minerals 30% Discount: Apply here
SmashBox (Discount told upon request) : Apply here
Dinair 30% Discount: Apply here
Guru Makeup Emporium UK. Discounts are off certain brands only- Make Up For Ever- 35%, Cozzette-20%, Dinair-20%,Cozzette-20%,  Guru-20%. Email Guru here for an application form:
NYX Professional 25% Discount: Apply here
Precious About Make-up (PAM): 35% off Make Up For Ever, 40% off Illamasqua, 20% off Louise Young, 20% off Bdellium, 10% off everything for students if they have proof . To apply email PAM here:
Dermalogica Pro Scheme: A dedicated MUA programme from this no nonsense skincare house is subject to qualifying criteria.
This is by no means a definitive list, but they are brands that acknowledge and reward to Pro MUAs that support them.
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Pro ID
When applying for discount you should expect to be asked to prove you are a working artist. Attach a call sheet and a union card if you are enquiring on spec. Most established schemes will have a strict criteria to ensure you qualify for their scheme, cuttings, credits and coverage also helps. It might seem a daunting task to persuade them when you are just starting out, but its credits that count. Even if you did the job for free, you’ll be credited.
A call sheet provides information such as your call time and location, listing everyone involved in the shoot, their contact details and department they are working with. Call sheets are also used in film and TV so working on a low budget short film can be a good way to get your hands on this item of industry proof when your a newbie.
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You can join BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematography and Theatre Union) and gives you entitlement to a whole range of benefits and your union card can be used to prove you are a pro artist. This is great if you are a new artist with no tear/call sheets under your belt. Joining NASMAH (National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers) will also be of benefit, whilst NASMAH is not a union it is supported by the majority of the pro industry, offers its own discounts on product from its associates and adds to your credentials.
Several brands now accept a website as proof you are a pro as it shows you are more that just a hobby MUA/blogger and are serious about your career. Please do let us know of any others, good, bad or indifferent. We like to hear all your recommends and which ones to avoid, so get in touch.
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