Bloody Brilliant

October 29th, 2013

October 29th, 2013

Rolling Stone Cover using buckets of fake blood - source

Rolling Stone Cover using buckets of fake blood – source

It’s Halloween Week and nothing adds to the frightening thrill of the day better than fake blood.  There’s a wealth of great products available to help create congealed blood, wounds, scabs, scratches and fresh blood effects.  Often sticky and messy, here is our selection of the best fake blood available to ensure working with the red gloopy stuff is as hassle-free and fun as possible.

The Glynn McKay Congealed Blood (£36 for 350ml) is a medium-consistency blood, thicker and slightly darker than liquid blood to create a thick jelly-like coagulated look.  Best for creating the stage between fresh wound and scabbing, this product can easily be washed out with soap and water.

Glynn McKay

Artificial Coagulated Blood by Make Up For Ever (£24.95 for 60ml) is densely coloured and has a lumpy consistency to accurately replicate human blood.  Safe for use in the nose, mouth and around the eye area, this water-resistant product is best to create scabs on wounds that are starting to heal.

Make Up For Ever

The Kryolan Blood Capsules (£7.15) contain pharmaceutical grade liquid blood, perfect for when blood has to appear in or from the mouth.  Released when the capsule is bitten or pierced, it’s made of gelatine and will gradually dissolve in the mouth.

Kryolan Capsules

The Clotted Blood from Maekup (£20) is a multi purpose, non staining gel which can be used on skin, costume and sets.  It is washable and can be thinned down with water while remaining durable.  As the blood can be easily smeared and remains fresh looking, it is great for filling in prosthetic cuts.

Maekup clotted blood

Kryolan Eye Blood (£13.45) is available in five colours to create bloodshot eyes that remain visible for up to 20 minutes.  In a handy dropper bottle, it can be used to create a burst blood vessel red eye look.

Kryolan Eye blood

The Kensington Gore Venial Blood (£7 for 50ml) is non-staining translucent flowing blood.  With an HD formula, it has a smooth, glossy texture and finish and smears realistically.  Suitable for the mouth, it even has a fresh, peppermint flavour.

Kensington Gore

Special Effects guru, Nick Dudman, has created Pigs Might Fly blood (£14 for 250ml). Extremely popular and ultra realistic, it’s loved for its non-staining and washable qualities.

Pigs Might Fly

Mehron Performance Squirt Blood (£3 for 60ml) is available in venous and arterial colours to be used in tubing or appliances for SFX performance work. Water based, it’s especially good for gushing effects and can easily be removed from skin, hair and costumes.

Mehron Squirtblood

For those just starting out in SFX, Bloodymarvellous do two excellent kits: The Starter Kit: Blood and Gels (£45) includes four shades of Bloodymarvellous liquid blood in 50ml sizes along with five Bloodymarvellous wound filler gels in 15ml sizes: Blister; Congealed Clot; Pus; Scab and Scratch.

The Horror Wound Kit: Blood and Glass (£26) is an ideal small kit.  The easy instructions guide you step by step to create amazingly gory and realistic professional SFX make up effects.  Filled with everything you need for two bloody medium sized wounds featuring fake shards of glass, it also includes empty capsules for gory mouth effects.



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