Attracta Courtney

September 30th, 2013

September 30th, 2013


Passionate about fashion and beauty from an early age, Attracta Courtney trained at the legendary Glauca Rossi School in West London.

Her work graces the pages of numerous international magazines and global advertising campaigns, alongside collaborations with some of the most esteemed photographers and creative teams in the fashion industry.  In high demand for her trademark signature for creating luminous skin and beautiful make-up, Attracta’s most recent catwalk looks were created using Bourjois for the Zoe Jordan show at LFW.

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WP:  You’re well known for creating effortlessly luminous skin – can you tell us your secret?

AC:  I am a huge advocate of protecting and maintaining the skin by investing in quality moisturisers that have an SPF, ideally avoid direct sun exposure.  My all time favourite products are skin illuminators that bring an overall gorgeous dewy healthy glow to skin, this product will transform any skin texture for that inner glow appearance.  Equally adore cream blushers to add health, colour and an instant feel good factor!

WP:  What has been your favourite job?

AC:  Working at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Buckingham Palace when I stood on the stage with all the artists when the fireworks display was happening.  It was definitely a Pinch Me moment!

WP: How did you get into make-up artistry?  What made you decide it was the career for you?

AC: I did my course at Glauca Rossi then tested with some great photographers.  Several months later I saw an interview that Lisa Eldridge had given to a magazine in the days before emailing and texting so I wrote to her and she called me back.  I started assisting her on some fashion shows then went on to assist on shows with Pat (McGrath), Kevin (Aucoin), Tom (Pecheux), Linda (Cantello), Lucia (Peironi) in Paris and Milan.  Within a year I was represented by Debbie Walters and soon started working for Vogue around the world!  My first British Vogue fashion shoot was with Perry Ogden in the Caribbean.

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WP: What sets Bourjois apart from other high street brands?

AC: Excellent quality and choice for a great price.

WP: Lots of emphasis is put on the brand being very French.  How does this carry through to the looks you create?

AC: I love working with Bourjois products, as I am always able to create very feminine playful looks that work on the catwalk to the realwalk.

WP: What are the upcoming trends for S/S next year?

AC: I feel matte textures of lipsticks will be a key focus in bright pigment colours such as oranges and neon pastel pinks with gorgeous dewy youthful skin.  In contrast eye shadows will be creamier, with wet textures for that effortless relaxed beauty.

WP: What’s the standout look for A/W13?

AC: Soft eyeliner khol pencil in black or smokey grey, apply all around the lashes for that smouldering smokey eye and smudge outwards or locate the colour intensely at the eyelashes for that grunge look depending on your mood.

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WP: What tips do you have for newbie MUAs in today’s industry?

AC: It’s essential to do a course to get an education and background history of the industry and different make up styles, then assist, assist, assist to learn first hand from the artists particularly during fashion weeks – it’s the best learning ground to always be ahead of trend.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Ask to assist established make-up artists via their agents.

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